“Let’s go too.。”
Summer and Liu Qingqing also go to the show hall。
Soon arrived,Find some seats。
Since four people are the third row,So Liu Qingqing and Fang Wei sitting outside,And summer and Guo Zhenggang。
The movie has not started,Play a variety of ads,The show lobby is also more noisy。
About Mo 5 minutes,Movie finally started playing,Everyone is wearing it.3glasses,Polyperbite。
“Mr. Xia,I don’t know where it is high.。”
Just when you have just brought glasses in the summer.,Guo Zhenggang next to him suddenly tilted the body,Smile inquiry。
Summer is surprised,Take the glasses away,“Fang Wei did not tell you……Is my profession??”
Guo Zhenggang’s mouth,Laugh。
He has heard of summer,I have even seen his photos。
But all information,Only for the encounter of Car Race and Yunding Xuan。
The circle is just a rumor,He is a bodyguard that is accompanied by Fang Wei.,It is said that it is said that,I used to let Zhang Yunfeng and Li Shaoxian have lost their losses.。
“Hey,See my brain,Almost forgot。”He patted the photo,“Is giving the beauty into bodyguards,Right。”
Toned,It comes from a man who knows,“Mr. Xia is really beautiful。”
His gaze is not from the autonomous look at Liu Qingqing sitting on the edge of the edge.,Hidden in the scorpion under the dim light,Finally no longer hidden。
Full of greed and evil。
The heart is hateful。
This kid is really walking the dog.,First,Now I am raising such a beautiful woman.……Simple people。
Think here,His smile is more and more,“Mr. Xia,I am somewhat curious.,How much is your salary you now??”
Summer,There is no concealment,“100,000。”
“Talent is 100,000。”
Guo Jigang can’t help but,Immediate eyeballs,Lower sound channel,“Mr.http://www.sister365.cn Xia,Do you want to make big money??”
“Big money?”Summer eyes bright,“How much?”See him,Guo Zhenggang is secretly tone,It is joy to follow,“one million,As long as you help me do things,I give you a million。”
NS349chapter Don’t worry, I will definitely cure your face.
“one million?”
Summer suddenly opened a big mouth,The pupil in the eyes is not allowed to keep a few times.,And then breathing is rushing。
He two eyes,I have a little nervous and jealous in my joy.,“I don’t know how to do it.?”
Such a expression falls in Guo Zhenggang’s eyes.,Contempt,Also secretly。
As long as this kid is greedy。
Think here,He touched his mobile phone from his pocket,Horn horns with confident smiles,“Your bank account tells me。”
Summer,What did you think of?,Immediately report its own card number,“6222……”