Snake blade is full,Also disappeared。
It’s him!
That is the devil!
Douglas feels a bit of lips,Heartbeat does not speed up,It’s a dozen seconds to restore it.。
Don’t bother me!
He can understand the intention of the other party。
“I am here today.。”
Douglas has no interest。
He must understand in the first time,Why is this demon come to Xi Ni?,Also why appears in front of yourself。
After the end,He walked in the opposite direction。
“call out。”
at this time,A strange voice came,Douglas figure,Color changing。
then,Suddenly turned。 In the field of view,I saw that the summer is like a gyro usually holding Luoqiao.。
Also in an instant,One of the tourists made a miserable call.,Chest 汩汩 flowing blood,Inverted in the blood。
A scene,Let four weeks of tourists,Excluding and scream sound,Instant。 “what……”
Luo Qianjin is also screaming。
She doesn’t know what happened at all.,Just hugged in the summer。
not only that,Falling one instant,She was thrown out by summer.,Fly in half air。
Almost at the same time,Douglas ear came from a sound line,“Help me look at her,If she is less than a finger,you13All accuse!”
Lying trough nima。
Douglas mouth,Face iron,It’s hard to see the pole。
What is this?。
Still not explaining。
He is very angry,Very wrong。
But look at the figure of getting more and more blue,He made a decision with zero one second.。
嗖,Shaping,Steady and donation,Then quickly hide behind a rockery,Place her on the ground。At the same time,“Come to me。”
NS652chapter kill
Sound falls,Those who have just stand up because the gunshots,No slightly hesitated to surrounded by the direction of Dao Glas。
They said that they believers,In fact,13Gang member,And this time followed,Be elite,Reaction is very god。
“grown ups,you go first,We have broken。”