“Is not,Fang Fang won’t let him go,Said she drove to the city to buy”Xia Zecheng said with a smile。
Sun Yuejuan stomped angrily and said:“You!What an elm bump,Can someone buy the same as ours??You won’t get in the car,Go with Fang Fang”
Xia Zecheng slapped his head,Haha smiled and said:“Why didn’t I expect”
In the upper room of Wang Degui’s house,What are the three sons talking about?,Speaking of happiness,Especially Wang Youcai ran around the house happily holding his big belly,Not at all like someone in their http://www.antimonopolylawyer.cn twenties。
“What did you just say?”Wang Degui with his hands behind his back,Walked in from the door。
When Wang Youcai saw his father,Happily said:“dad!Don’t you know,Xiping Village is facing a disaster,Xia Jian this Wang Ba Lao Zi,Finished playing immediately”
“Bullshit,What is the disaster in Xiping Village??Isn’t there something wrong with the breeding plant?,Can also affect the entire Xiping Village?When you speak with this mouth,Best use your brain”Wang Degui is not angry and tells the king that there is wealth。
Wang Youcai’s eyes stared,A bit unconvinced:“You don’t know,The breeding plant is now experiencing an unknown epidemic,Even the experts from the Municipal Veterinary Bureau are helpless,Do you think this breeding can be saved??Since there is no help,Wouldn’t the money for this investment be lost?,Shouldn’t all the villagers follow along??”
“is it so serious?”Chen Yueqin poked her head out of the back room and asked。
Wang Youdao who has not spoken,Smiled slightly:“This time the problem is a bit serious,Maybe it’s the plague,Even if not dead,Also bury them all,This has alarmed the city,Aroused great attention from the leaders”
“Did you hear it,Is highly valued by city http://www.chenjuncaiwu.cn leaders,This is a big deal,There is a pot that Xia Jian drank”Wang Youcai said。
Wang Degui snorted coldly:“shut up,Even if this breeding plant goes bankrupt,I think Xia Jian is better than your prodigal”