“I see。”
Lin Feng’s figure gave up,He pointed out,Suddenly flying‘shoot’Enter this‘color’In the body of the mountain。
black‘color’Mountain peaks suddenly exploded,A mushroom cloud rises,Mountain collapse,A block is like fantastic stones.,Evil-like rays and time and space。
Herone is a block of time and space。
“so much!”Lin Feng looked at these time and space of the crystal shock.,Because this is full of footsteps with hundreds of time and space,In other words,He now holds these time and space, you can complete the task.。
“This nature,Here, the mining area。”Tiaoba humane:“The owner can complete the task now.。”
“First absorb again。”
Lin Feng went up,He big hands,These time and space were fly over and fell into his hand.,His big hand floats with hundreds of time and space。
Lin Feng took these time and space crystals,Running,Sudden vortex is violently running,Sure enough, a lot of power spread out,Suddenly, countless strengths have emerged into Lin Feng’s body.。
Lin Feng felt the limbs of the limbs,The evolution of the body is faster。
Time for less than a dozen breathing,Lin Feng’s time and space is dissipated in the empty,The power inside is absorbed by Lin Feng,Time Lin Feng’s body issued a variety of severe changes。
Ray,The speed of the vortex operation is geometric,Exhibits a distant cosmic zoom picture。
“Evolution is faster!”
Proud in this scene。
“The more you swallowing, the http://www.ningbodianqi.cn better。”Tiaoba people look at this scene:“How long can this evolution??”
Lin Feng heard the silence,He closed his eyes,It is like a stone like a stone like a stone.,What seems to be calculated?,After a long time, I opened my eyes.:“300010,000 spatial crystals,allowable3Year time!”
“3000Ten thousand pieces!”
Tell this,The robbery and arrogance have sucking a cold,This is too terrible to consume the time and space.,3000Ten thousand pieces,Also need3Year time?
This kind of practice is too harsh.。
“If you enter the Lingbao, you have worked hard.?Is it saved many time and space??faster?”Tiaoba people suddenly,He directly reach out,One‘mix’The antenna is in the void。
‘mix’The sky is flashing with mysterious light,This first-class Lingbao surface is calm,However, the internal time accelerated has already http://www.zlxxjy.cn been running to an extreme.。
This first-class spiritual treasure is accelerated.1Compare1Unveral。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,When his figure walked into it,But the strange thing happened.,The evolution of Lin Feng body began to accelerate!
However, this process allows Lin Feng,Proud,The robbery is excited,Because Lin Feng did not swallow the time and space, when I entered here.,The speed of evolution is the speed of the eye。
In other words, now‘mix’Within the space of the sky,The evolution speed of the time and space is invalid.。
“I understand,You are swallowing spatial crystals,Conformal a time acceleration!”Tiaoba humane。
“what do you mean?”Lin Fengnan‘Confuse’road。
“This is the heaven and earth law,Owner,look,A three-sized first Tian Lingbao time acceleration is1:100,If it is placed within another two stream first Tianling treasure space,Three-flow will fail,The practitioner will feel the time acceleration of the second-class first Tianling treasure.!”Tiaoba people patiently explained。
“good,If it is superimposed,Two pieces of three streams first Tianling treasure directly overlap,Become1:1Ten thousand。”Outdoor:“What innate first-class Lingbao?”
“I understand。”
Lin Feng wanted to understand the meaning of the two,After laughing:“So, it seems that the crystal of the time and space is a bit‘chicken’Rib。”
“Host you wrong,3000Ten thousand pieces3year,Follow。”The robbery people looked at Lin Feng smiles:“Don’t say3year,It is actually3000It’s also sleeping.。”
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