[How to make cold chicken gizzards]_Recommended diet

The cold chicken gizzards are crisp and refreshing. Add the right amount of pepper. As an appetizer in summer, it can be said that it greatly promotes appetite. The method of cold chicken gizzards is relatively simple. You can add vinegar and sugar according to your preference., Put peppercorns and so on, let’s take a look at the practice of cold chicken gizzards.

First, after buying chicken gizzards from the market, you must boil them with boiling water and drain the water. This will remove the earthy smell of chicken gizzards. Prepare a small steamer and put in cold water, then pour some raw and old soy sauce.Add an appropriate amount of salt, put some spices into it, add pepper aniseed, fragrant leaves, etc., boil over high heat and add marinade.

Add the chicken gizzards that have been soaked with water to the marinade, cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes, then turn off the heat, and soak for another half an hour to fully flavor the chicken gizzards.

After the chicken gizzards are braised and ready for use, first cut the chicken gizzards into slices.

Prepare an appropriate amount of cilantro to clean and cut the cilantro into small pieces.

Prepare the right amount of green and red peppers. After cleaning, cut into green and red peppers.

The sliced chicken gizzards are placed in an inverted dish, and the green and red pepper shreds are placed in the dish. Add coriander to the dish, add an appropriate amount of oil to the pan, and add pepper and pepper when the oil temperature is slightly hot.When the peppers are going to become mushy, turn off the heat immediately, pour onto the plate, and finally add the minced garlic.

Stir all the ingredients on the plate and eat.

When making cold chicken gizzards, it is best to put the chicken gizzards into water so that they can remove the earthy smell and impurities from the chicken gizzards.

It is best not to pour oil in the last process, because it feels greasy to taste, it is best to fry the pepper and chili directly in a pot, and then pour it on top of chicken gizzard.