Because the puppy that wiped his body,Bai Wushuang put it on the sofa,It also stands up,But when I move slowly,But obviously you can see its right hind leg limping。
“Its leg hurt?”Shen Huan asked。
“Do not,I checked,No wound,No fracture。”Bai Wu’s bilingualism is a bit low,“Should be born。”
Shen Huan suddenly realized,“No wonder it was lost at such a small age。”
In order for Shen Huan to choose Xiao Ba,I went to an animal rescue center in the suburbs of Huajing,All kinds of disabled cats and dogs account for the most。
People don’t like these cats and dogs who are born with disabilities,Even less patient to take care of them,So throwing away is a good choice in their opinion。
The puppy must be one of those discarded。
Shen Huan put the Spirit Gathering Liquid in front of it,The puppy who tasted the taste just now,Hurry in,Continue to drink。
Now,It does not know what choice its destiny will face。
“What do you think?”Bai Wushuang tilted his head to ask Shen Huan。
“I think……”
When Shen Huan is talking,Smoothly touched the puppy’s head,It turned out impatiently,I don’t want Shen Huanmo。
See this scene,The corners of Bai Wushuang’s mouth moved,Did not speak。
“Encounter is predestined。”Shen Huan continued,“Since we saved it,Ignore it again,Not good behavior……So Sister Bai, take it home!”
Bai Wushuang nodded in relief at first,The last sentence left her stunned。
nice.The female academic bully、Cute look,Really beautiful。
“I……I……”Bai Wushuang stuttered a little,There was an expression on her rare face,And a guilty expression:“Sorry……I’m not ready to take it home……Sorry!But i don’t want it to wander……”
This is the first time she said so much in one sentence。