Quickly change the fencing guard and helmet,In the excitement of everyone,Enter into the swordway。
Another beauty helped him to connect the electronic referee connection line,And a heavy sword hold in the hands。
Name called heavy sword,But it is never a big and wide heavy sword in film and television.,In fact, a lightweight fine sword,It’s just more than the floral sword and the Polytel.。
The heavy sword is a completely stiting weapon,Only the sword hits are effective,Sword hopping invalid。
And the effective http://www.96cyw.cn part is different from the floral sword and the sword,It is the whole body is effective。
This is a very wide sport of audiences.。
Just like the seasonal red and Yao Yu,When they played,Even,Music opposite。
You can use the sword and thorns any part of the opponent。
And Alice is obviously intended.,Ready to first humiliate some summer。
She points to the sword in her hand to the opposite side.。
Summer nice head,I also raise the sword and I touched the other party.。
Then the two sides pull the distance,Pose,Prepare for sword。
Both swords are arrogant,ready。
if we assume,The previous Alice gave people a cold ice feeling,So at this moment,She gives people a dangerous and sharp flavor。
Especially after the boom,Neighbor to transmit a strong momentum。
Summary is a bit http://www.qmysl.cn surprised。
He knows that this woman is not a flower shelf.,And not a very common master,Almost certain,The other party must have experienced the fight against life and death。
Those who often fight,Once entering the state,Will not help but be a sharp edge。
Not reached a certain height,Fundamentally can’t。
The whole hall is quiet,Atmosphere,Everyone is not turned to the sword。
“I said,I will replace your elders today.,Teach you how to be a person。”
Voice is just,A Live。
Don’t look at her weighing protective gear,But the speed is not slow at all.,At the moment, I came to the summer.。
at the same time,Wrist shake,The heavy sword is like a spirit snake,Established 鸣 声。
This sword,Not thorns,But to shoot。
Take the left cheek of the protective gear to the summer。
Summer suddenly bowes,Successfully avoid this sword。
But not finished。
A sword,The heavy sword wipes in the summer helmet,But in an instant,Ali hand shake,Heavy sword reflects back,Take another right cheeks in the summer。
This sword is inadvertently, such as lightning。
Summer,Just raised。
Everyone under the stage has become nervous。