“Unite and see the object,Old Wu’s daughter is not,I’m not united.。”
Shen Dahai said seriously,“You still pick some cucumber, we take back to eat.!”
Shen Xuan promised,Holding a vegetable basket,Entered the field,Start picking cucumber,A few big potatoes。
“Hahaha,Uncle can still like this?”
“Human real,This face is really an absolutely。”
“Oh shit,Is there so delicious??”
“It is definitely the advertising effect.,stupid。”
Shen Xuan picked a big basket,Hand it to Shen Dahai and Wang Mei,Looking at them。
“go,We also go home.。”
Shen Xuan smiled,Looking at Lin Yu three。
“The movement of the construction is very big.,Don’t we see your lively??”
Xue Qing looks at the place where the zoo is not far away.,Everywhere is http://www.paulight.cn people,It seems that it is very lively,I asked a sentence.。
“fine,Soon there will be live。”
Shen Xuan said with the mouth。
He is very clear that Wu Ru Xue is a person.,Lave to maximize interests,Since you are in your own face here.,It is estimated that the live broadcast will be opened soon.,Then attract fans。
Zoo opening,The most important thing is the human value,Now the network platform rise,Wu Ruoxue a genius returned to study abroad,Naturally, I will not let go such a good promotion platform.。
If you can borrow live opportunities,Attract a batch of fans,The zoo really built,Then there is the first batch of traffic attention。
“Xuan Ge,I will take a step first.,Look at the beauty again!”
“Then I will go see Wu Damei’s live broadcast.。”
“Xuan Ge,Hey-hey,you know!”
I just finished,Live broadcastLspThey launched the barrage,Briefly said a sentence,Soon, I walked a big person.。
Needless to say,All went to Wu Ruoxue’s live broadcast room。
NS188Chapter Real Elite
really,Beauty is enough http://www.ncjac.cn to attract the eyeball。
These fans in the live broadcast are also no exception.,I have rushed thousands of people。
Only a poor hundred people are strong in the live broadcast。
“Xuan brother is sad,We have been still still there?!”
“that is,What is the beautiful woman?,I still prefer to see Xuan Ge.!”
“We all don’t go,Be firm!”
“Trough,There are a lot of beauty in the zoo.,You come!”
There is still a few hundred people to watch here.,But next second,One person shouts,There is only one hundred people left in the live broadcast.。
“Trough,I really have a lot of beauty.,Xuan Ge,I have passed!”
“Xuan Ge,Couldn’t help but,I will come again next time.。”
“In order to live happiness,I have passed,Xuan Ge will not blame me,Right?”
Shen Xuan helpless!
“Good guy,Until?,How many beauty is http://www.minghaorun.cn there?,Just attract people all attractive!”