But he did not see Yao Yu。
Summer eyebrows。
Just when he hesitated, he would want to go to the bedroom.,Suddenly a door opened,A beautiful figure appears in the field of view。
It is Yao Yu。
She is wearing a black silkwear sleeping skirt,But the left shoulder strap is slippery to the arm,White shoulder,A wet long hair is scattered in both shoulders,Dress and knee,Exposed long and straight legs,Powered with ruddy http://www.80must.cn face,Slightly blurred scorpion。
She didn’t come out,But standing at the door of the room,Soft smile,“Mr. Xia,Please come in.。”
Exquisite,If the black silk nights, if there is a hidden,Graceful curve,And exposed skin flashes,Ambiguous。
This moment of Yao Yu,It’s very charming to the extreme。
See her,Why,Summer after a glimpse,The mouth is outlined, a laughter。
He is a bit relieved。
I just can’t help but sigh.,The other party is here to know his identity,I am afraid that I have to go out.。
There are too many things that have experienced in the summer.,Many let him know how to understand humanity.。
Think collision,And know that the soul is imitated.,It is very easy to speculate on the purpose of the other party to invite himself.。
But there is no challenging,A pair of eyes swept in Yao Wei,Immediately referred to her shoulder strap she slipped away.,Conscientiously,“Miss Yao,You go out。”
Yao Yu charming and charming moments,But the moment is restored,Don’t panic, back the shoulder strap on the shoulder,Laugh,“Oops,terribly sorry,I have just slept.。”
This expression,This sound,How to make more fake。
Summer mouth,Actually don’t say。
“Mr. Xia,What’s wrong with you?Please。”
Yao Yu double lips rubber sexy,Smile to expose the snow white shello,Long eyelashes,The beautiful scorpion makes people have an unresolved charm。
Summer is still not moving,But ignite a smoke,Sedimentation,Straightforward,“Miss Yao,What is this?。”
“Um?What is the meaning of Mr. Xia?”
Yao Yu smirk,When you are tempting unlimited,The game of the movie is soft and soft.,But a pair of beautiful eyes flashed a complex。
“I owe you three people.,If you need me to help,And what I can do,Constant。”
Summer spit out a smoke,Faint,“Miss Yao is looking for me?,Go straight。”
Fall into the voice,Yao Yu’s face is charming smile slowly converges。
She is silent.。
Self-depressed on a pretty face,After a smile。She has a thin lips,Slow down,Go to the summer opposite,sit down,Deep breathing,Conscientiously,“I don’t know all men I know.,I don’t want to get me.,And I can confuse those men to play between the palms.,Mr. Xia is the only exception。

She is like selfless,Summer opening,Continue to say,“I am a woman,No matter how strong the surface looks,But after all, still a woman。”
She sighs,“Woman,It is a natural weak person.,Against woman,Need to be a mountain,I also have the mountain,But he is not really helping me.,If I lost the value,I am afraid that I have become a lover.。”
Summer solve,I don’t know what I’m thinking about my eyes.。“Don’t look at me nowhere,Actually,I sometimes move on the wire。”She laughed,Bitter,“Do you know why others want to call me a Queen?,Because I am in the face of various men,Will understand this man’s hobbies in advance,He likes a cold woman
,I will play cool.,Like a charming,I am charming,Like pure,I will be pure than those college students.,I am swimming between various men.,Not long-sleeved good dance,Not a http://www.yodei.cn feeling of playing,I just want to pay attention。”
Her pretty face is extremely serious,“so,I need a mountain,A shoulder that I can rely on me is tired or after injury,I have observed a lot of excellent men.,But they are unqualified,Not a bodies,Just want to get the interests of my hand。”