Add a fall protection cover to your baby’s belly

In autumn, protect your baby’s belly, prevent diarrhea, and catch cold. First of all, close the entrance, and you must choose what you eat.

Mothers of babies who drink breast milk pay attention to eat more warm foods and less cold foods, and the baby generally does not have diarrhea.

After six months, the baby starts to add complementary food. Pay attention to the porridge and noodles to be soft.

If you want to add vegetables, you must choose vegetables that are easy to digest and absorb. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and spinach are best mixed with fruits. Adjust the taste suitable for the baby according to a certain ratio.Digested vegetables such as: sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro, and tofu can cause bloating and eat less.

The baby can no longer eat some cold food, so that the internal tract is stimulated, and the same symptoms as the cold in the abdomen occur.

  The first is to avoid getting cold on your belly.

The baby’s abdomen is slightly abnormal, the muscles are weak, and the skin’s resistance to the outside is also poor. Once it is cold, the inside is easily irritated, causing peristalsis to accelerate.

After the abdomen is cooled, intestinal motility is accelerated, and in addition to causing abdominal pain, it will cause food to stay in the intestine for a shorter time and cause diarrhea.

Frequent abdominal pain and diarrhea can cause infants and children to lose physical fitness, reduce resistance, be susceptible to various infectious diseases, and suffer from stunting.

  When adding clothes, warm with a small hand, a little warm.

If your palms are sweating, it means that you are wearing a series, and you need to reduce some.

If you are not assured, it is best to wear a double-layered small shoulder guard.

If there are more tops, wear thinner pants.

It’s almost as thin as my mother’s.

  Keep your baby’s sleep warm at night to prevent the baby’s small belly from getting cold. When the mother sleeps, she must focus on protecting the baby’s belly. The baby is strong and loves kicking the quilt. Parents must find a way to give him a good umbilical cord.As a measure, sometimes after washing the hands, face, and feet of the baby every day, put on one-piece pajamas after putting on wet urine.

Wear a pair of small cotton socks to protect your soles from the cold.

If the baby is sleeping alone, the quilt is preferably slightly thinner than the parent.

  If the baby or child’s abdomen is inadvertently cooled, and mild abdominal pain or diarrhea occurs, a hot water bottle can be used to apply heat to the abdomen to slow down and attenuate the muscles in the internal tract, thereby reducing symptoms, but prevent burns.

If the baby is still crying or having repeated diarrhea, bad spirits, fever, pus or blood in the stool, etc., they should be sent to the hospital for treatment.