“Woodwind,You drink some tea!Just set up,Nothing http://www.guanyinhong.cn to entertain you!”
“Four young masters don’t have to be polite!I will come myself.!”
Tinhouk cabinet picks up teacup,Sincerity。
Miss this family can’t really take a little.。
Don’t look at these young masters are still some sesame officials.,But there is a support of money and forces behind this。
How long does it take?,I am afraid that I have to be a big official in this area.。
“Four brothers,Is your backyard not prepare a carriage??”
“Um!what happened,You have to go out so late.?”
Su Yuhui is surprised,
“I can’t go out now.,Ming children early,Woodwind,You arrange two people who will follow me.,It is best to be a man and a woman!”
“it is good!Little know!”
“Um,Then you go back to rest early.!I will go directly to the shop directly.!”
Whiten,I will consciously http://www.irrstech.cn refuse。
Don’t ask if you should ask,This is the most basic rule for subordinates。
“Four brothers,I want to go to the capital。”
“What do you do??”
Say,Su Yuhui also stayed in the capital city for a short period of time,But there is no good feeling about that place.。
Those people know that they are flattering,There is no truth in your mouth.。
Not only that,I will also say that I will give the next gossip in which sentence.。
I have to ponder the word that others say.。
I always pay attention to my words and deeds.。
“Whez is something!Hao uncle should be paid!“
“Uncle Uncle is paying,Can you travel in the past??”
Su Yuhui is full of worry。
“It is estimated that the big brother will receive a message.,I have also rushed over there!Four brothers,Do not worry!”
If you don’t take care http://www.muyujob.cn of your own four brothers?,Niu Niu hated not to start overnight。
The life of Hezi is not simple.,But I didn’t expect to provoke such a thing.。
“Big brother has also went.?Then!”
“Um,Then I will go back to wash,go to bed early,Ming children have to hurry up early!”
“Row,Then you hurry!Hot water is ready for the kitchen!”
Su Yuhui is still pondering what is,Let the uncle are so nervous。
I have never heard what big things happen in Beijing.!
“and many more,Even the big brother has gone?”
Su Yuhui and other numets got out of the door,I realize the seriousness of the problem.。