The sound of the bones,Falling in Qin Rongong,Let him feel cold。
especially,He sees the summer time to walk to yourself.,Face instant is awkward,Do not retreat,“you……What do you want to do!”
Da da da。
no answer。
Only uncomfortable footsteps。
Summer brow,Go to the eye。
I saw a group of people suddenly,Tattoo tattoo,Put the hair,One side is tape,吆 五 六 快 向 Summer。
One person in front,It is the previous long hair youth.,And next to him,There are still two light heads with gold chains.。
“it’s him,This is this small……Uh!”
Long haired youth bite tooth,Tape,Eye gods poison point pointed to summer。
Voice is just,He saw two bodyguards mourning on the ground.。
“Small hair,Old two,You first,I will go to the toilet first.。”
A large balm with a gold chain,Don’t hesitate to turn。
At first glance, it is a singer.,These people go,It’s just looking for death.。
“Small hair,My stomach is also a bit painful,Do you want you to bring people first?,We will be fine right away.。”Another bald head is also turned to catch up。
NS402chapter Do you play a sword?
Chang Mao Yixian small mix is not close?,When I saw the two tragic bodyguards,Unypolenary wolf escape。
Not only them,Qin Ruirong also took advantage of the Summer Kung Fu,Turn around and run。
“summer,forget it,Don’t care about him。”
Seeing summer is ready to chase,In the face of the Qinling, I can’t bear it.。
Qin Ruirong is her relatives.。
The other party can be indifferent to her,But she can’t do it.。
“it is good,Listen to you。”
Summer laughing,The heart is secretly sigh。
he knows,This matter is absolutely not finished,For Qinling,I am afraid that more troublesome things.,Still behind。
The so-called small,Old,Take this old run,Will come back to an older……They will not give up the tool of Qinling this exchange of interests。
Next,The two drive to the sports center in Qinling.。
Just after it,Summer discovery,Sports Center,In fact, it is a high-end sports meeting.。
This name is moving,A forest park located in the western suburbs of Qinghai,Lush forest along both sides,Come to a very light sports field。
Far away,This open-air sports field is everywhere in various sports facilities.。