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Buns are a common staple food in our lives. There are also a lot of specialties about making buns. The buns that you want to make are delicious and delicious. The most important thing is the preparation under the buns. The buns with fresh chicken sauce are the most delicious.It is delicious and the nutritional value of the buns is relatively high. When you are no longer willing to cook, the buns can also be eaten as a dish. What is the practice of homemade bun fillings?

1, Chinese cabbage fan bun recipe nutrition: baby vegetables instead of carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. The trace element zinc in cabbage is completely the best in vegetables, and even meat and eggs are better than it.

Preparation of ingredients: 640g of flour, 5g of water, 5g of yeast, spring onion, appropriate amount, vermicelli, appropriate amount, baby food, appropriate amount, green pepper, appropriate amount, salt, chili noodles, ginger noodles, monosodium glutamate, dumpling powder, sesame oil.1. Add salt and sugar to the flour, stir well, crush the yeast powder in warm water, and let stand for 4,5 minutes; 2. Add the substituted yeast water to the flour, then put in the smooth dough and cover with a damp clothThe dough wakes up for 2 hours; 3, the dough wakes up to produce a lot of fine pores, the volume is about 2 than the original.

5 times, indicating that the dough has been completed; 4, after making the dough, take it out and lick it again.

This process is called ventilation, and the dough is twisted into balls again. 5. After the dough is finished, it will grow into strips and then cut into small pieces.

: Pharmacist, skin is cyanosis.

Vegetarian fillings: (1) Lightly dice the noodles, cook the diced vegetables with boiling water, and cut into green peppers.

61776 green onions; (2) hot oil in a wok, pour prepared noodles and green peppers, add pepper, ginger, dumpling powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, put some sesame oil and fry the pan.

(3) Then you can pack it directly, or you can fry it and pack it.

First, the filling is more fragrant.

Steam on the pan: Put the prepared fillings and waking dough into a steamed bun.

To ensure that the bread and bread folds can be cooked, steam for about 40 minutes.