First318chapter My treat tonight,Five girls per person!
Fourth quarter game,Xu Xuan scored frequently in the cheers of the fans,Four minutes before the end,After the Trail Blazers removed the main lineup,Xu Xuan was also replaced。
Looking at Xu Xuan, who kept panting,Frank suddenly felt a little distressed for Xu Xuan。
If it’s easy to know Jiulian Triple Double,This record will not be maintained for a full forty-seven years and no one can break it。
Brush back,But you also have to be strong,You can brush。
“Good job!”Frank patted Xu Xuan’s back deeply.。
It’s incredible。
Frank started to remember that it was about this time last year,He is receiving old Larry·Byrd calling,When I learned that the walkers could get Xu Xuan,Frank didn’t actually feel that there was a big deal。
Even he feels a bit lost。
Old Larry·Bird shouldn’t use such a precious first-round pick here。
Larry·Bird’s reply to him is:Trust me,Frank,I won’t let you down this time!If it really doesn’t work then,I will bring you all stars!
right now,Do those all-stars still matter??
Of course not important。
Frank watched Xu Xuan’s last game before leaving New York,From that moment,Frank knew that Indiana made it。
When Xu Xuan scored 61 points,Frank knows,As long as Xu Xuan can grow up,This Pacers will definitely become a championship-level team。
When Xu Xuan took the Pacers to the conference finals step by step,Frank believes,Just give Xu Xuan time,He must be able to surpass that great predecessor。