Xu Sheng clenched the Trident of Destruction and swept across,The huge uncertain storm rushed towards the eight people!!
Posey’s pupil shrinks,Exclaimed“Get out of this storm!!”
Finished,Her figure disappeared instantly,And the other Hai Qizi heard Bo Saixi’s reminder,Just trying to avoid this storm,But it’s too late!
The seven figures are directly shrouded by the uncertain storm,Are all tied in place!
“hateful,Can’t move at all!”Sea Dragon Douluo struggles madly,But little effect。
“What kind of weird spirit ability is this?It’s so scary!”Haixing Douluo said with a gloomy expression。
“Even our soul abilities are bound!This power is terrible!”Seahorse Douluo secretly said in his heart。
After Xu Sheng saw the seven under control,His face is still cold without a trace of pity。
Slowly inject soul power towards the ruined trident!
The purple-black mist above the trident can be seen to be more dense,The terrifying aura of destruction began to spread from above!
Xu Sheng coldly shouted“Destruction thirteen,Third type,Never go back!!!”
The eighth spirit ring at Bo Saixi’s feet lit up,Seventh Spirit Ability,Poseidon!!!
immediately,The extremely vague Poseidon behind Bo Saixi raised the Poseidon Trident in his hand,Then he aimed at Xu Sheng!
In an instant,I saw that the water around the Seagod Temple kept pouring into the air,Gathered together……
The vague Poseidon behind Bo Saixi rushed into these currents,Within seconds……
This huge stream of water turned into the true appearance of the sea god,A huge Poseidon trident appeared in his hand……