Interrogate,Summer moves。
Follow the face change。
“call out!”
A red light,Since his bag, the bag is brushed out.。
At the same time, it is not bad.、Angry scream,Like a beast in roar。
Heard this voice,Everyone in the field is all shocked.。
And Lin Dong Master on the high platform,Hawran color。
“call out!”
The speed is too fast。
Only the feet of the slap size,From the bag,Creating a red line directly hits Lin Dong Master。
According to normal,The strength of Lin Dong Master Lingtai,Whether it is flash or a guard,Even attacks,Can come to。
There is a scene that makes everyone.。
Lin Dong Master, the original face,I actually stopped all the actions.。
NS3352chapter Flying Tmall owner
Lin Dong Master is appointed by the Flying Tmall to his face.。
Two back claws did not hesitate to hit his face,Outue on his head。
“嗷呜 嗷 嗷呜……”Then。
Two front paws of flying cats,Like a slap in the face,Keep the hair of Lin Dong Master。
He was originally ambitious, and the chaos were grouped.。
“喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵 喵……”Two front paws of flying cats,One side,Sound。
Just this call,From the initial scorpion and anger,Unlimited grievance。
“small,small fire……”Confused Lin Dong Master,Not only no angry,The sound reversed a excited vibrato,“you,you are still alive……”Speech,He reached out to try to remove the flying cat on the head.。
call out!“喵 喵……”Flying Tmall makes a sense of unknown sound,Flying quickly,Creating a red line。
Then,Falling on the top of the summer。
It is like a temper,Ass pair Lin Dong Master,Lying on a summer head。
Uh……this……There are all people present in the scene.。
Summer is also wrong。