Then betrayed the teacher?”
“I will know this.。”
The ear juno smiles,S then smile,Also,“I remembered a secret of the year.,But unable to determine,I don’t dare to guess.……but,Your mother and Tianshan School have a complex relationship,After so long,Tianshan School already knows you have a full version of Jiuyang Magic,But they have never shot for you.,And this time you can’t make things in the church,Also let them think,Tian Yujian falls in your hands,And they did not grab……This is visible,That bald man is very important to Tianshan,Important can let them put everything。”
He put his hand,Stop the summer question,“Don’t say these first。”
Paused,Ear Junhao’s face has a touch of excitement and excitement,“Our eager ancestors have a long history,This has been,Everyone who is alive from the long life,All record,Unfortunately,Modern times,There have been no one has entered the road of Changsheng for hundreds of years.,This time, I have three more.,Liuhe Mountain and good voice I can’t contact,Can only invite you to come。”
He swayed again,“Do not misunderstand,We don’t want to know the specific location of Changsheng Road,But afterwards, we will speculate on records themselves.,But not too detailed,You just need to give me some drops that have occurred in the road of Changsheng.。”
Summer is not hesitant。
In fact, there are not many experiences.。
“In fact, it is an illusion.,Ability to hook out people’s heart magic,Lead of the dark side,It will also lead some people and things that they don’t want to face.,I asked the good sound and Liuhe Mountain.,They are here,Will meet people who have killed by themselves……”He also tells his experience over again,But the details are retained。
At the same time, he also said some。
During his speech,Ear Junhao doesn’t know where to get a small book,Take the pen to record it on the top。
Just when the summer said,He frowned。
“What’s wrong?”
Ear Jun Hao shakes his head,Pensive。
After a moment,He looked straight to the summer,“Everything you said,Most of the records in the family,But——A lot of things。”
Summer is watching,Query。
“I can’t say it.,I feel,You have not completely finished the road of Changsheng.,Even halfway,Don’t say you,Just experience three illusion,These three illusion is really meaningful to you,Can make up for vulnerabilities and regrets on your mind,However, the help of the chemical pulse is not large.。”
Toned,His face became more and more,“As for the good sound and Liuhe Mountain,They have met an extremely powerful stranger in the illusion.,And that one of the swords broke the illusion.,This kind of illusion is very strange,But also……They also have not completely finished the road of Changsheng。”
Summer 抿 抿,Decided to tell。
“In fact, I really got a chance to see a martial artery wheel.。”
Ear Jun Haowei is a one,Continue to open the eyes。
“Should be associated with the heavens。”
Summer low eyebrows,Brow,“That feeling……”Go to the mouth,He found that he could not express the language.。
He carefully recalled the darkness that was in that.,It seems that there is only one who knows one person in the world.。
At the end,He has already felt its own existence。
If the soul is in an instant。
After coming out of the road,He also tried to make a very common feeling。
Unfortunately, it is not successful.。
“Just like it is integrated into the world.,Tianda rhythm,Pulsation,In one of them。”
Summer eyes are getting brighter,“Everything is natural and harmonious,Everything is just a matter of course,Everything is a reason。”
Ear Jun Hao looked at the summer,Immediately smile,“You said that the people I know.,Not only me,The whole ancient weapon knows,Our ear home is respectful,Maniferous,Local law,Heavenly way,Dafa natural。
True important,It is the feeling of catching that moment.,Understanding the truth。
You said more,I can’t experience it for us.,So can’t understand。
And I think,Temperature pulse is not as simple as,After all, you have not finished the road of Changsheng.,But you can peek a trace of opportunities,It is also a harvest.。”
He is very open,There is no greedy heart。