Lying down。
This big devil will not count yourself.?
No way……Shouldn’t you?……
Confused Meng Rong and Menghai Brothers,What is the same?,Completely subtracted by this sentence。
Even as the identity of Menghai,I have never seen such people.。
Do not。
This is not arrogant,Not bold,Not unscrupulous,This is a madness!
Who is Menghai?,It is the master of the four major family members of Qinghai。
What is this place,It is a banquet of the forty-five-year-old birthday of Menghai.,The big people who are invited are not known.。
How do he dare?!
Meng Jiang also can’t help but,Immediately angered,“You are too arrogant.!”
This bastard,Not only killing Meng family,It’s more extracted by yourself.,He has already can’t bear it.。
Meng Haibang is the master of Meng’s family.,Ambitious,Strong laugh,“Mr. Xia,You can really joking,Please,Please come in。”
He doesn’t know what is the identity of the summer.,But it is clear,This person fights two games with white home,Resulting……White family!
He also tried to Baishan Water,Who said that the other party is just at willingness。
Menghai doing things,Always take a step in seeing three steps,So he knows more,anything,Only unknown。
therefore,When you know that Bai Mountain Water should use his birthday party to make an article,Ready to deal with summer,He did not hesitate to agree。
But he will not participate in。
His performance,But let the summer are slightly strange,Then I deeply looked at an eye.,Nodded,Take a step forward。
The atmosphere is already unconsciously dull and depressed,It is inconsistent with the festiveness of the week.。
All the way。
Everyone quickly entered the left hall。
with no exceptions,When you see the summer and fat,Almost all eyes are concentrated。
The eyes are full of surprise,curious,Cold,Examine,And hostility。
Especially those who are unknown,All frown,Seem to be invincible。
Whether the lotus,Still the arrival of Li Lin,Menghai is just going to the door to welcome。
But in front of these people,But two people who make Meng family,Accompany you。
Both wearing casual men,What is the identity?!
That tall youth,Have a resolute cheek,Jianbei is like,A dark scorpion squatting,Around,Occasionally,The light will give people a sharp illusion such as a blade。
In the eyes of everyone,I feel full of wild,Let them feel like being stared by the wolf。
And the fat man standing behind him,The shoulder crosss a hilarous handbag,Like a small servant,A pair of thieves 兮 兮 泛 一 着 着 着 着 着 着。
I am looking away.!