But this guy actually thinks Erhu is amateur,His main business is singing。
“singer?I composed the music myself?”
“Ok,I write and compose by myself,Have posted two songs,On Qianyu Music Network,You have time to listen。”
“it is good,Song title?”
“I am a small bird,I am ugly but I am gentle,My stage name is Adong……”
Qin Xiaomi brakes,The car stopped on the side of the road。
She turned her head to look at Lin Dong with disbelief,“Fucking,You sang the little bird,You are too good……”
Qin Xiaomi really did not expect,The song she likes,The singer is actually Lin Dong。
Lin Dong was slammed by this woman,Shocked,Do you want such a big reaction?
Waiting to see Qin Xiaomi’s expression,And the words full of worship,Lin Dong enjoys this feeling,Smiled indifferently:“Don’t adore brother,Brother is a legend!”
Qin Xiaomi saw Lin Dong like this,Can’t help but cut,“Still legend,The legendary virgin brother??”
“Can you stop talking about that?”
Lin Dong is really worried,Qin Xiaomi kept calling like this,The name of the virgin brother will be his joke。
Oolong tonight,He still doesn’t want everyone to know,He is a good person,How can I withstand such a stain。
“Haha,Don’t say it,You write me a song,I won’t talk about it later,otherwise,Hum……”
Qin Xiaomi’s eyes light up,Caught Lin Dong’s handle,Just right,Early Summer Night Party,She also has a show,piano solo。
But she wants to sing more,It’s best to be a piano accompaniment song,She plays and sings,That’s interesting。