“The situation in the seven-continent four octaves is getting faster and faster.。”Fire cloud burns muttered。
“Yes,Good people in this Qinglong Chamber of Commerce also,Not like other forces,Directly swallow。”Firey Note。
“This is the emperor’s gas,Royal,Benefasis,load,He is not to humiliate the inheritance of ancestors。”Fire cloud burning god。
“The new moon teaches dreams, I can’t think of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,On the door。”Fire cloud burning。
“Humph!”Firey Yunnee:“The new moon is responsible for this robbery,This time Huangquan’s Lord personally shot,Even if the Nirvana strong in them wakes up and no。”
“Huangquan Lord,Emperor’s emperor,The enemy of the former ancestors,Is this a meritorious??”Fire cloud burns fairy looking at distant void:“Today, the future generations of the enemy and the inheritance of the ancestors are together.,Not only such Lin Feng, because of my five poisonous teaching skills,Also saved Shangguan Yue。”
“Maybe it is God.。”
The fire cloud burns and fire clouds are also known.。
http://www.tianlaiba.cn “Emperor,Magic land,Tang family has been born for hundreds of years, a woman who is born and Ming Yushen!”Fire cloud burning:“The pressure of the child is very large.!”
“But the child is not a common person.。”Fire Yunneh with mysterious smile。
“indeed,妃儿 is not a common person,All right,We don’t have to manage these things.,Speed practice big thunder knife,Quench body。”Fire cloud burning:“Don’t be killed by people。”
Fire Yunnan and Fire Cloud Burning God heard a little bit,The figure of the three people disappeared。
Niya,Bozi,Miya Mountain。
30The large-scale transport plane flew to the child of the afternoon,This transportation machine is the most advanced white whale 1 transporter,Carrying capacity50Ton,Each transporter has500people,Flying over the childhood mountain range。
Flying to Nether Cold http://www.nanninglianlv.cn Tan in the Central Mountain Valley。
Southern Qanten。
There is a wide area,Standing with dense maida,These figures have little,Women have,There are more than 20 million people,Each face with desperate look,Many people look like a rich person.。
Standing in the distance, tens of thousands of soldiers。
And in the lake, standing with Shinder’s figure,Shixingde’s back stands at Mi Luoge,In addition to Mi Luoge, there are three strong people.,These three people are the old age,Each is a character that condenses out of the god。
“Take data!”Shixingde has a double hand looks to those soldiers。
The tens of thousands of soldiers have gone out of a burly man.,The man is a general of Poison Mudsia.,Klifu!
“30Old4Year old10Ten thousand people,30Year old7Ten thousand people,Others are men。”Klcer respectd the road。
NS913chapter inhuman
“it is good!”
Shixingde wrote his hands,The corner of the mouth exposed a cold smile:“So, other men are both a family.?”
Klcer respectd the road:“Family pile!”
“very good,very good,Let these men have grievances,Boundless grievance,Let these women produce boundless grievances,You should know how to do it!”The cold laugh in Shixingde。
“Teacher’s relief,I already understand。”Cleino’s face with a cold smile。