Equal,FNCThis wave of Dragon is playing。and,Palace Qingwen is still in the next time,willFNCLower road highlands。
30minute,IGwillFNCMiddle road high ground。
Subsequent,Before the front tower,Barbing on both sides。
finally,IGby3Change5Raise,WonFNCThe second game of this eight game。
Also succeeded here,Organize the game into the season。
Chapter 155 In response to
Third game,existFNCquiltIGAfter the twenty minutes after http://www.ljrfkz.cn the match,Start again。
BeIGNext two citiesFNC,I finally finally put it again.。
I have already reached this time.,They have any hidden people,I have to get one go out.。
after all,If you don’t have to use it at this time,Those hidden rises,Just only the sword fingerS9NS。
FNCOn this side, Egart,Then crashBwipoReplaced,soazReplaced。
In factFNCPreviouslyBwipoCome to see,soazThe current state is not as good as his。
But unfortunately,After the play of Egate,I am afraidFNCEvensoazTrial,I will not give birth to anotherBwipoPlay。
Blue squareIGoneban,Will be deprecatedbanPool,CompareBwipo,soazMore good at using some meatteed orders。
This may beFNCOne of the reasons for him,After all, the meat tank type is good.,At least you can guarantee that you have a certain role in the medium term.。
FNCone ofban,http://www.lyzhizuo.cnAkari is decided to die。
IGTwoban,The knife was sent.banPool,ObviousIGThisBPThinking has changed again。
IGThreeban,The first two used this side with this effect is not bad.banLose。
FNCThreeban,Jess is sentbanPool。
At this time,Blue squareIG,Also start to choose your own choice。
The blue side has a position of the election hero.,This can help themBPTake a certain initiative。
Obviously, the explanations at this time are also thinking.,Everyone feels that,IGIt is possible to lock Victor on the first floor.。
After all, this hero,It is now available for three ways,And it is still a strong。
But some are unexpected,IGFirst floor,Lock Luo。
FNCA second floor,Then after this,Decisively won Victor and Xia。
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One choice idea is,Since youIGDon’t this Victor,Then I naturally have to win.。
Two choice ideas,It is very simple.,Just to remove you Xia Luo。
IGTwo choices,It is locked green steel shadow.,ngSignboard,have nothing to say。
IGThree choice,Locked the secrets of the martial art。
FNCThird choice,Lock the hammer。
This choice,Hammer stone,RepresentativeFNCAt this time, the transformation of mentality and playing。
Obvious,They know if they are playing again.,They are hard to win this game。
是,Not as good asIGJust a wave of front。
FollowFNCFourban,BebanLu Zi’an。
FNCLast oneban,rookieSindla is very gloriously pressed。
IGLast oneban,BebanZhao Xin。