Obesity was originally because of the heavy moisture and not drinking these three soups.

Do not miss 3 soup soups for health, choose a lot of people to find that they are fat, in fact, many people are caused by heavy spleen and poor spleen and stomach transport, resulting in body edema.

I want to lose weight and drink some old duck soup.

Duck is a good thing with the same taste and medicine, can dilute the water, benefit the spleen and stomach; duck meat is the king of the meat in summer. As the saying goes, the old summer duck wins the tonic, and the big heat does not arrive., reduce weight loss.

Blocky cockroaches are not easy to be boiled. You should choose a flaky one. You can stew without using a foam.

In the old duck soup, you can also add dried tangerine peel, mung bean, glutinous rice, etc. After the fire is boiled, slowly stew for about an hour.

Double bean drink, refreshing the spleen and not drinking the green bean soup, everyone knows, but you have to teach everyone a trick, that is, the mung bean and white lentils together soup.

Mung bean soup clears heat and detoxifies, nourishes the spleen and stomach, but it may be hurt every day, and the elderly, children and people with spleen and stomach deficiency can not drink too much.

White lentils are slightly warm, and they also have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach. It is a perfect match between the two.

White lentils are hard, not good to boil, do you want to soak 3?
4 hours (if the weather is hot, it is best to put it in the refrigerator), first boil in the pot, and then cook with mung beans.

The lentils in white lentils can be destroyed at high temperatures, and must be cooked until cooked.

Double bean drink to cool off, spleen and spleen are correct, suitable for more people to accept.

“Cream” soup, long-lasting strength to sleep with the red army with a bowl of millet, you can squat rifle every day, this is reasonable.

Millet vitamins and minerals, especially potassium is rich in content, and low in sodium, can supplement the potassium loss in summer sweating, and solve the problem of lack of strength.

Xiaomi raises the stomach and soothe the nerves, and the glutinous rice porridge has a sticky liquid, which is the rice oil that the common people often say, but it is a good thing to calm the nerves.

In the rice oil, serotonin carbonate is hot and hard to sleep at night. Put the glutinous rice oil in the warmth, add the milk, put the “cream” soup, drink the stomach, and sleep well.