[How to make curried minced egg and fried rice]_Homemade Curry Minced Egg and Fried Rice_Curry Minced Egg and Fried Rice How to Make_Curry Minced Egg and Fried Rice

We often want to learn to cook, but we don’t know how to learn.

I will introduce the learning methods and experiences here. In fact, you must first start to cook a dish. The following introduces the practice of curry minced egg fried rice. Try it yourself first.


12 Prepare the ingredients you need.


In 21 wok, add the right amount of corn oil and burn to 50% heat. Add minced meat and stir fry until discolored. Boil in cooking wine, remove the fishy sauce and season.


1 Add another amount of corn oil to the wok, add the beaten eggs and cook them, and use a shovel to divide into pieces, shovel out for use.


2 Sauté minced meat and shovel for later use.


Wash the green pepper and chop it.


Heat the wok into the corn oil, add the green pepper and stir fry.


Add rice and stir until hot.


Add salt and mix well.


Add eggs and minced meat and stir well.


Add curry powder and stir well.

(You can add more curry flavor) 11.

Finally, add chicken essence, soy sauce, and stir-fry the onion.

Maybe you have never been to the kitchen, but after reading the introduction of the method of curry minced egg fried rice, you definitely want to try it yourself, then hurry up.