Misty,Huang Lei on the side touched her chubby belly,Wiped his mouth with a tissue,Watching Su Luodao:“Su,I haven’t heard your singing for a long time,Such a beautiful night,Can you sing a song?”</p>
Haiqing and Lu Han’s eyes lit up,Lu Han is also a singer,But it’s more about singing and dancing。</p>
And his style is completely different from Su Luo’s,Can be different。</p>
Su Luo thought for a while,Nod slightly,What just wanted,Peng Yusing already understood,Tao:“Brother Luo,Do you want a guitar?,wait a second。”</p>
With,Peng Peng has ran out stubbornly,Came to the second floor and got a guitar,Go downstairs and give it to Su Luo。</p>
Thanks,Su Luo took the guitar,Tried the tone,Fairly normal。</p>
Holding guitar,suddenly,Su Luo turned and glanced,Reba。</p>
And Fatty’s eyes just came over,Seems to have a good heart,Eyes facing each other in an instant,Fatty looked away in an instant,Unbelievable“Bang bang”Jumping non-stop。</p>
But in order not to be seen,She forced herself not to show,Not gaffe。</p>
And at that moment,The moment I touched Reba’s eyes,Su Luo seems to understand a lot,I remembered all the previous,From the first acquaintance,Come together by accident,And then to the point where the two of them are in trouble。</p>
Everything,Scenes from the past appear in my mind like a movie。</p>
Can’t help but a song comes to mind,He didn’t even think about it,I opened my mouth and sang,Fingers。</p>
“Maybe the world is like this,I’m still on the way。”</p>
“No one can tell,Maybe i can only be silent,”</p>
“Tears moisten the eyes,But not to be cowardly。”</p>
“Head down,Looking forward to the day,Accept all ridicule,Towards the wind,Embrace the rainbow,Go forward bravely,The light of dawn,Back over the dark。”</p>
“Break fear,I can find the answer。”</p>
Low voice,Without losing magnetism and weight。</p>
The moment of exit,Let Huang Lei immerse themselves in singer Zheng</p>