Obvious,I have experienced many wind and rain,Don’t believe so-called coincidence。
“Qinling。Her name is Qinling。”
Summer is not hidden,Say,“Qinling has said,She has two girlfriends in Jinling.,A name called Li Wenli,A small http://www.weixin008.cn autumn,But that Li Wenli girl,But use her and gold small autumn identity,Marry the Lin family a call……Be called Linzi……”
“Lin Zishan!”
Jin Dong took the words,Looks on the summer,“It seems that I misunderstood Mr. Xia,You really know the young girl of Qinling,And the relationship should be very good,otherwise,She will not tell you these。”
“Why?”Summer is very beautiful。
“Because……”Two words say,Golden Look becomes anger,The fist is tautone three times,Anger became pain,“Little autumn……She already,Have already went……”
NS707chapter Are good actors
Summer shocked,Complex。
Looking at the expression of Jindong angry,He is not difficult to guess,Among them, there must be no hidden love.。
“Little autumn, she is at the age of 22,I started to enter the company to help me.,Her ability is extremely http://www.local-alliance.cn strong,Even a certain pattern is more than me.……”
Jin Dong is like a memory of memories,When the face is empty, there is time to be happy.,“But in three years ago,she……She suicide。”
This answer makes the summer amazed,Can’t help but curious,“suicide?”
“She left a suicide note,Say yourself unbearable pressure,Gave depression……”Golden East’s Big Red,Flooding a blood,Loud,“But I don’t believe she will commit suicide.!She is not that kind of person at all!”He is slightly lower,Sound low,“These three years,I have never given up the investigation,But all kinds of all,Small autumn is indeed suicide,Until last year,I was lamelled by the little fish. I saw a movie.,Movie,That is to tell a hypnotic story,It is also until that happened.
Be realized,A few days before suicide in Xiaoqiu,Her mental state is very bad,I thought it was a matter of work.……”Toned,He suddenly looked up,Summer stare,“Mr. Xia,I have no big skills this person.,The only one makes me proud,It is known as people,I have a first time, although I met.,But I know that you are not a common person.,Mr. Xia,can you tell me,There is really movie and television in reality.
Does that hypnosis??”
Summer is silent,Foot and ten seconds,He nodded,“have,Early hypnosis and mandatory hypnosis can achieve the effect like film and television……”
Just in advance,In the process of hypnosis,Use sound,Visual,A word will hypnotize people,Repeat three or four times,When you see the person again,Shorten the process。
E.g,Let the target hear a specific footsteps,Lighter sound,Clock,I can easily do this。
Humane,I will embolize it again.,Then let people commit suicide……It seems impossible,But this is not a fantasy。
Jin Dong originally uncertain,Answers given in summer,Everything he thinks has supported。
“All people in the small autumn,I have been investigated,But there is no clue horse,But now it is not important.,Since it is determined that Xiaoqiu is not committed,So,Who is the most beneficial to her death?……”
Not finished,Suddenly,Knocking outside。
Jin Dong’s face,Sit straight,Restore the majesty,Faintly。
The study door is gently opened,Walking into a stateful woman。
Prior to Jin Dong http://www.swanrose.cn introduced the summer,Women named Li Port,It is one of the women who are close to Jindong.。
She first apologizes in summer.,Immediately,“Adong,Mr. Lin and Lin Gong have come,Now in the living room。”
This sentence,A pair of eyes in Jindong,头 头,“I see。”
Li Wei smiled again,Put out。
“Mr. Xia,Is there interest to go out??”Jindong Station gets up,Mouth,Elite a wipe,“Lin Jiang and Lin Zifeng come to the door personally to apologize。”
Summer also stands up,Passenger。
The two quickly came to the first floor living room.。