At this moment。
A teenager flying quickly in the alley,Contact direction,Continuous turn a few bends。
Finally, I came to a slightly defeated civilian community.。
Said the community,In fact, it is an old building for a long time.。
Teenagers look very alert,Stay after a few minutes,Determine no one,This is heavy。
Then he carefully went into a unit building.。
“Big brother should see Tian Ge.”
Juvenile,Soon on the fifth floor,Before the door,Take the key to prepare to open the door。
However,Just open the door,The corner of the 5th floor to the sixth floor,Suddenly there is a mess。
Then, a group of people came down。
For the head of a fertilizer ear,Faceless,More than a dozen people around,All wearing a unified suit,A taller,Fierce,Make people feel daunting。
See them,Juveniles only feel big,Gripping,I don’t want to turn around and run.。
However, how can he have run these strongmen?。
The two have a lot of,I fately flew him with a foot.,Heavy smashing on the wall of the corrovement。
“嘿嘿 Boy,It’s hard to find you.。”
The man in the fat ear is coming over,Raising your feet is a big fierce,“You are running.,Continue to run。”
Teenage bite tooth,No sound from the beginning,
And he has been trying to stand up.,A pair of red eyes is like a hungry, staring at the man.。
“Special,Dare to see Laozi like this。”
The man was shocked by such a look.,Turn more angry,Lift your legs on your head of your head。
The boy is rolling out,Inside the head in the head。
But he is still not awkward。
“Xiao Ming,Most ordinary people,I can’t see the dark side of the world.,You are so small,I will let you touch these,In fact, it is not good for you.,However, contact with contact,But don’t fall in,This world is always beautiful。”
“But,If you have touched the darkness one day,Don’t be afraid,Don’t be weak,The world is like this,Strongman is respect,Regardless of the surface or inherent,Has always be the jungle law,Someone hits you,You can bear one or two times,But when I can’t bear it,No need to endure,Ten times a hundred times repayment,I am afraid of you,Even if you die,Also like a man fight!”
War like a man!
Juvenile’s mind,When I emerged from time to time, when I was in Campa,The words of a man who grew a bigger than himself.。
Be right。
In the eye,The other party is a man。
“I am a man!”
The teenager is like a wild beast, I suddenly screamed.,I actually hit the people who kicked him with a brute force.,Stood up。
Men, a feet, big ear,Sunday,“小子,Bone is still very hard”
“Even if you die——”
The teenager seems to have a young lion that has just been expelted.,Again again,Reach your hand from the trouser pocket。
Down button,Front collapsed。
His no matter from care for men,狠 部 部 部。
Abrupt scene,Men who makes the feet big ear are shocked,After the hilarity。