Great whitening effect with less expenditure

White ethnicity has always been the goal pursued by Asian women, that is, “one cover one hundred ugly”, for nothing!

That is our goal!

But good whitening products, hundreds or even thousands, are not affordable for everyone.

The following methods can help you achieve a great whitening effect with little money.


Washing your face with rice washing water When you wash rice every day, leave the first and second rice washing water, let it slowly clarify, and then take the water part above to wash your face, and your face can become white and delicate.

This kind of rice water is more suitable for oily friends, because after using it to wash your face, the face will no longer be too bright.

Note that after washing your face with Taomi water, wash it with 3 times more water.

  2. Applying milk to the face Put a few drops of water into the bottle or milk bag of the milk, shake it, and pour it onto the palm, wipe the face, and wash it with water after 5 to 6 minutes.

If this method lasts for a long time, the face will become increasingly white and tender, if it is more effective after bathing, three external use conditioning chapter 1, mung bean mask mung bean, talc, white peony, white aconite ground powder, stir with water or lotion every nightApply on face and wash after drying.

The course of treatment is about fourteen days.

Use every other day after treatment.

  2. Five white creams, two yuans of white money, two yuans of white money, one and a half yuans of white money, two yuans of white aconite, one and a half yuans of white cloves, and one monk of Mito.

The medicine is thoroughly researched and mixed with a quarter of the protein to make a thin cream. Wash your face with warm water before going to bed every day, and then apply this cream on a thin layer and wash it away. The effect is very good.
  3, four dollars of whitening cream Gansong, five dollars of hawthorn, one or two of white silkworm, five dollars of black plum meat, one or two of saponin, five dollars of purple duckweed, five dollars of fragrant white lotus, five dollars of Mito monk.

Grind extremely finely, apply a thin sheet with protein every night, and wipe it off with warm water the next morning.

  4, Tremella mask Tremella (white fungus), Scutellaria baicalensis, Paeonia lactiflora, and Yuzhu each 50 grams, research the fine, take 5 grams of powder every night, add protein or use water to make a creamy surface, and wait for the dryWash away.

Yinhua, Baiji, Yuzhu can nourish the skin, Poria can remove facial spots and whiten.

  5, flat sore membrane scutellaria baicalensis, cork, Coptis chinensis, each boiled into a tea-like liquid, use flour to make a paste-like surface, or apply protein to the face and mix thoroughly.

Twenty minutes twice a week.

This recipe is suitable for those with sore face, acne and dark face.

  6. In addition to the above medicinal masks, you can also use the fresh vegetables and fruits in your home to make masks, which is convenient, has little substitution, and is not afraid of containing mercury or other unknown chemical raw materials.

  The loofah juice mask cleans the loofah. After shaving the waxy skin, it is filtered after the juice is squeezed. Add flour to the face, and then wash it.

Loofah contains a variety of vitamins with a possible bleaching effect. It can be used on various skin or pigmented skin for a long time, making the skin delicate and white.

  Lemon juice mask is commonly found on the market. Although it is rich in vitamin C, it has better bleaching effect. However, due to acid doping, you must pay attention to replacing it. Double the water and then add flour.Apply to the skin of the elbow area and wait for 15 minutes before other redness or rashes appear on the face.

  In addition to the above treatments and conditioning, the secret to whitening life should be as little as possible in the sun. Pay attention to sun protection even on cloudy days, because ultraviolet rays can still damage your skin unknowingly.

  Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, lemons, guava, oranges, hawthorn, fresh green leafy vegetables and so on.

Heat is the most important factor in promoting the formation of melanin, so foods with strong photosensitivity, such as parsley, carrots, celery, etc. should be eaten as little as possible.

  Use fragrance-free cosmetics and creams, and makeup must be thoroughly cleaned.

It can also be used in conjunction with facial acupressure to activate the skin and reduce pigmentation.

Maintaining emotional stability, normal daily routines, extra sleep, not being angry, not smoking, and staying up late are all ways to keep your skin white.

  If you want to eradicate pigmentation and spots, you can cooperate with medicine treatment if necessary, and also replace acupuncture, mild diet and Chinese medicine to improve. Finally, you need to cooperate with your doctor to restore your white skin quickly and become like Snow of!