Mystery,The breath of the years。
A palm,Great horizontal world,Cracked the momentum of the world,Directly directly according to the twenty figure of the robbery。
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Chapter 118 The ferrule is too pit.
NS1811Chapter 10 is too pit
“not good!”
Lin Feng, who was sitting in the knee, suddenly opened his eyes,God change,This time,Ambitious,In order to isolate this breath,He rushed to a far distance,Cross the region。
Significant partitions with the power of fate。
However, at this moment, there is a peerless,Interfering with them,This is what Lin Feng can’t tolerate.。
“Speed transfer!”
Just in this moment, the voice of the sea,A powerful boundless,The vast breath is rising from Lin Feng’s body.,A sky blue figure is in the empty,The owner of this shadow is Haihuang。
Hai Huang handheld a stocopence,He is amazing。
“Hand of fate!”
Lin Feng is cold voice,His body broke out,This is the light of the hand of the fate,The song of ancient fate is in the empty,It seems to be able to cross the future,The power on him climbed directly to the peak state。
The big hand of the ancient vicissitudes,With the momentum of three thousand worlds,Directly bombards above 20,Submerged this twenty figure in the void,However, this twenty figure has not suffered how much harm.。
They have a piece of whirlpool,This piece of whirlpool is swallowed everything,Digging the strength of the devastating。
Haihuang’s figure,His body is dark,A few steps over the whole person,Faceful,Hands in the stochest advice,Uspicious voice,It seems to be broken,The same thing in Lin Feng is also trembled.。
A touch of blood flows,Faces like paper,He is vigilant to look at the distant void,The old big hands in the distant void gradually collapsed,Dissipated in the void。
“It’s great to choose.。”The figures of the sea are gone,His eyes are dead staring at the distant void。
“What’s the meaning?Do you choose some of the gods living??”Lin Feng looked at the distant void,This palm is terrible.。
This is far more than the momentum of the small gods,Do not,Even if the Director of the Lord, the old emperor suddenly appeared in front of this palm.。
He transforms attacks at the hands of fate,Diversion to him,Sea emperor,Another emperor,Nine exterior people,And some people who robbed some people withstand some,So many people teamed up,This is resistant to this big hand。
And he and the sea,Nine exfoliation,The emperors have suffered heavy。
I have this repair。
“no,This is a calendering palm。”Haihuang carrying hands looking at the void。
“Array?”At this time, Lin Yu and Lin Daoxiao brother hurriedly gone.,It is also very interested in Lin Yu.。
“Sea emperor,Explain some,Let this two kids learn some。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at the Crown Road.。
“it is good!”Haihuang carrying hands to explain:“This is the name of Cangtian Guardian.!”
“Cangtian guardian?”Lin Feng is shocked,The name of this array is very domineering,And power I saw it.。
“good,Cangtian Guardian is a array of gods,God of the gods personally started,Circulation,There are few people who can truly arrange this set of array.,At least a master master to meet the realm of the god。”Haihuang explained:“The zone of robbery is close to this,Touching Cangtian Guardian,The array of law immediately fell into a big hand to attack the living。”
“This,Old man,You will look for a place.。”Lin Dao Xuan and Lin Yu two brothers touched a cold sweat。
“Do you have both talking??You think I want to find such a place?”Lin Feng is not a good way。
“Hey-hey,Old man,Haihuang senior,Since there is a mailing,Isn’t this surrounding??”Lin Yu smiled and said。