OL in-situ cellulite cleaning to remove excess meat

Keep an eye out for weight loss.

The big S can always take time to exercise during the work, and it has only been cultivated for a long time.

  After a long winter, the extra meat in the thick winter clothing covering the lower limbs is as crazy as long, but when the earth returns to spring, when the sun is shining, it is found that the excess meat in the whole body is not compatible with the beautiful spring;Unbridled; unfortunately, the sports did not persist in the cold winter . especially for OLs who are sitting in the office all year round, the lack of sports conditions and comfortable office conditions make them faced with extra meat!

Don’t worry, now we are tailored to this set of office campaign strategies.

Sina Women’s Channel specially invites the show body weight management center Jinshan (BLOG) to read the office body shaping-four small steps to achieve big S.

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  A small step in office fitness is a big step in health, uninterrupted fitness habits, and a charming figure every day.


Prepared: Prepare suitable clothing and shoes for easy replacement.

  For example: sitting in front can do water bottle movements with legs.

  Part of exercise: fracture of thigh; action process: sit upright in a chair, abdomen, take a deep breath, and put a bottle of unopened mineral water in the middle of the legs.

Squeeze the mineral water slowly for 5 to 10 seconds.

Repeat 5 times.

This will have a good effect of thin legs.


Add fitness time to the diary: In fact, it only takes 15-20 minutes per day (including time to change clothes and exercise). Usually, you can get to the office 15 minutes early in the office, before and after lunch.

The point is that as long as you plan, it may be possible to execute successfully.

  Exercises to eliminate excess meat need to be persistent. For example, you can use the 15 minutes early to the office to do upright knee flexion.

  Exercise part: the back of the thigh; action process: the body is upright, move the center of gravity to the right leg, and keep the spine straight.

Slowly bend your knees and lift your left foot backwards as you exhale, and lower them as you inhale.

Repeat 10-15 times.

Change your right leg.


Prepare a small towel to wipe sweat.

  Exercise must be real, not false, and a major factor in whether excess meat will be reduced is the sincerity of the exercise. At least this small towel can explain the attitude.


Prepare a water bottle that can be used for both drinking and water instead of dumbbells.

  For example, you can use a water bottle instead of dumbbells to do elbows in a sitting position in the office.

  Exercise site: deltoid muscle, broken triceps; Movement process: sit upright in a chair, abdomen, take a deep breath, hold heavy objects in your hand, such as a bottle of mineral water without opening the lid.

At the beginning of the movement, both arms are elbowed, the elbows are at the same height as the shoulders, and the hands are raised slowly when exhaling, until the arms are close to the ears, and slowly lowered to the starting position when inhaling.

  Inadvertently, a certain amount of aerobic exercise has been done. You must know that excess meat is accumulated through laziness, and beautiful figures are also obtained through regular exercise.