[Huangpi Famous Snacks]_Northern_Species

Speaking of Huangpi, people probably don’t know much about it. This is a small county in Hebei Province. Its name is because of a revolutionary martyr named Huangpi.

There are many attractions in Huangpi, and there are too many people traveling every year, and the attractions of Huangpi are not only those attractions, but also many famous snacks, snacks, flatbread, shrimp sauce, spring onion, braised white-scale fish, and yellow croakerNow, let’s introduce in detail what Huanghuang famous snacks are?

Famous Huangzi snacks: 1. The big sister ‘s prawn sauce, spring onion, and my dear aunt are married in the north. Every time I go to their house, she always brings out her own homemade cookie to entertain us, and the onion prawn sauce, the most importantIs the shrimp paste made? Shrimp paste is chopped with fresh shrimp, and beat 2 in a bowl?
3 eggs, we can cut some ingredients in the shrimp paste, such as: minced garlic, onion ginger, etc., then fry together in the pan and serve.

Northerners eat onions mostly sweet onions. Rolled with a spring onion, a spoonful of shrimp paste, the mouthful is full of fragrant.

2. Braised white-scale fish, braised white-scale fish, is to clean the freshly-caught white-scale fish, scrape the scales, and marinate for more than 10 minutes.Fish, add salt, old soy sauce, chicken essence and other condiments. In order to make the fish cooked evenly, you must be careful when turning the fish. The whitehead fish itself is very salty. You must put less when adding salt.A large amount of protein has extremely high nutritional value.

3, Huang Zhi Mao Zhi Mao Zhi It is native to Huang Zhi, you must choose to eat Mao Zhi in spring and autumn, because Mao Zhi at this time is a big fat, and Mao Zhi fried is best to eat, put onion ginger garlic fried in a panThen, add Mao Mao, pour a bit of bean paste, fuel consumption, add an appropriate amount of water, seasoning, and eat it after cooking. The fried Mao Mao is delicious and refreshing. After eating, you will have endless aftertaste.

4. Simmered scallion pancakes: reconcile the noodles, sprinkle a layer of sesame seeds on the outside, add sugar and salt according to taste, and finally bake them in a hanging oven.

5. Fresh fish stew soup Fresh fish stew soup is made from fresh fish, then you can use cornmeal and thin noodles, cut into small pieces and cook in the fish soup. A delicious soup is good.Fresh fish soup with corn noodles won’t be enough for a large bowl.

6, mutton soup mutton soup is a soup made from fresh mutton soup. The mutton soup has no smell of mutton. The soup is fresh and delicious.You can also add your favorite dried bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms and so on.