In the end he decided to follow,Although it gives him a feeling,I was always led by the nose,Where does he have so many ideas now,Because he has followed,Since I have followed,Why are you still hesitating about something to continue to follow,There is nothing wrong。
He also wants to know how many things this guy has hidden,Maybe you can know where the chick is when you follow,This is still a two-eyed thing,It’s such a big advantage for him,He can also do more other things,You can have more ideas during this period。
He really saw the chick,In a seemingly humble house,But this place is not so easy to get in,Because there are many people guarding the house in front of you,A total of13personal。
He counted carefully,Two of them are the guys who dealt with Huang Lei last time,All the people he was looking for this time are here,This was originally a good thing for him,But the key is that he didn’t dare to make a move,He won’t make a move until he is not sure。
But this time when he saw these guys, these three people were all there,In the case of the chick,Moreover, I already know that Huang Lei’s identity is not simple,Also know that he is a rich man。
Anyway to him,Everything in front of me is full of temptations,It made him start to think about whether he should shoot them all at once。
Really tempting,One or two are rich,And his companions……Solve these people at once,It’s an absolute harvest for him!
Also because of this,He still wanted to keep his distance,After confirming that there is no danger through various methods,,He can’t stand it at this time,There is always a voice in his mind bewitching him,Let him hurry up,Do not hesitate,It’s over if you don’t shoot!
The more so, the more anxious his heart is,Like now he has decided to take action,No matter what,He can’t wait any longer,Wait any longer,He was afraid he would go crazy。
How can we solve these people all at once?
First of all, he can be sure that the two bodyguards plus Huang Lei can definitely deal with him,Head-on conflict is impossible,He is not the opponent。
In order to avoid this series of things,He chose the latter,Deal with them in other ways。
As for the way,He thought about what kind of smoke he could use or other things that could bring down all the guys in front of him。
This is the easiest and least strenuous way。。