Can’t help!The simpler the coordination and actions,When it reaches a certain level,More difficult to prevent!
Kobe’s jumper is like that!Tempered,The action that has gone through countless adjustments is natural,Every shot is like an art!
The referee blew the whistle at the beginning of the fourth quarter,And Kobe has also re-entered the arena in the much-anticipated。
Kobe started from the fourth quarter,Took over all offensive rights for the Lakers。
How does the fiery touch make him cast?,Even the most difficult shot,After the suspension adjustment, it can still make a stable shot.!
Left after the game11minute,Turn over and take a jumper45Minute!
Countdown10minute,Three-pointer with the help of screen,48Minute!
8minute,Break through the basket,Strong hit2+1,51Minute!
Warriors hurriedly choose to pause。
“Double-teaming!Team me up with Kobe!”Rick has always been calm-Adelman panicked。
What does this mean?
Kobe is going to take60+?
This is to put the Golden State Warriors on the pillar of shame?
This is Rick-Adelman does not tolerate!Anyway, the game is lost!No matter how you can’t let Kobe finish60+!
So a once-in-a-century scene appeared on the court!
Four players ran after Kobe!
Four people surrounded Kobe!