Although Ma Xi Ruo said so,But my heart really is not the end。
“Hey-hey,Row,What do you talk to people in the village say something,If I plant herbs in the village,Then all land includes mountain rows to contract。”
“There are two options in the village.,One is the village’s land contract down and I,Then all at one time contracted decade,Then I hired you grow herbs,Directly to open a salary,Another is that we own the land,Grow your own,Time to make money selling herbs。”
“I kind of contract revenue is relatively stable,But to make big money may be less opportunity,I will provide seeds in planting herbs.,However, management must learn,Definitely make money,How much depends on the individual level herbs specific management earned。”
Lee went on to say the wind a bit of other stuff。
After listening to Ma Ru is immediately understood the meaning of the wind Lee。
Also know,There are also gambling components.,If the medicine is worthless,So pony village will certainly rise。
If it failed,You may actually lose money。
But the wind gave Lee the other way,That work is to give Lee the wind,That is a steady earning,But it is a lost opportunity to rise。
“Xiao Li,Do not worry,I will say this to the village.,Guaranteed not to let you down。”
Ma Ru say is very polite,Li Hui Feng is laughing:“I do not have any disappointed ah!I just give you an opportunity to choose,Opportunities are in your own hands。”
Li Hui Ruo,Ma Xuan also looked at the few people around him.。
“You have heard Mike say it?
Talk about your thoughts!By the way your views,After all, this is a chance to make big money,How do you choose this??”
Nine hundred and twentieth fifth chapter consortium
Yu Xiaoguang see all the people you look at me,I see your。
His first statement immediately Road:“if it was me,I will fight,With my daughter’s words,Once Bo success that change motorized bicycle,Motor car changed。”
“Mike open to that salary is not bad though,But did not say how much wages ah?”
“And you want,He opened wages,You can not lose money to open your salary?
Then what he earned?
Medicine is certainly to make money,To open wage ah,The higher wages,It will prove more valuable medicinal herbs,Anyway, I would choose to own,Herd is also your own,At that time management can make money to see the pictures。”
Such an analysis is to Xiaoguang,Other people still have some hesitation,It is suddenly up。
Ma Ru is satisfied nodded:“In accounting,It seems that you really mind this a lot better than before,In the past, you analyze it.,Recently, there is a reason for analyzing.,Let me refute any reason are unable to find ah。”
“Hey-hey,This is your light soiled village,You are taught good!”
“Go! Go! Go,Less than,I do not eat that,Let’s go back inside will open,Then open a village meeting,By the way, you go back and persuade your relatives around you.,If you follow along with the best but give it a go,I do not want to give it a go,By the time we looked at the money,Give them a shot,Allowed us trouble。”
soon,Pony village is mobilized。
The meeting is also very simple,Is the problem of choice。
And that night,Pony Village people are switching to know the herb farming village or else things。
There are a lot of people are actually somewhat dissatisfied,After all, not only herbs to plant crops,What to eat,What to drink?
These are the questions。
Li did not say it was the wind problem,But according to the feeling of Ma Ru,Lee wind will certainly be treated this experience,Otherwise, Zhaojia Village’s pig farm,There is also the entire Zhaojia Village land being contracted.,This is the same as Xiaoma Village.,Zhao village people are not making it is not planted?
The next day when the meeting,Questions of food,Ma Ru Zhao also directly to the village,Peach Blossom Village Lotus Village to move out and block everyone’s mouth。
Then there is the statistics how many people are willing to give it a go of a problem。
Results expected,I have chosen a fight in the village.。
As for the outcome Ma Ru do not know,But he knew that as long as a success,So soon catch up with Lotus Village,These places Peach Blossom Village。
Lee did not know the wind Ma Ru efficiency so high。
He just told Han reasonable through a phone call,Then tell each other has been to get the 5,000 acres of land,By the way, some suggestions of yourself。
Han after listening,Also nodded。
He only wanted to develop their own medicine field,But Li Hui’s practice seems to be more high.。