This makes the thing that integrates into Chakra more obvious。
But he still doesn’t know what this is.,This is not made up of letting spring。
But he is still using the wood,The whole person, the whole person is taken by the roots.,A large number of roots should not stop。
He wants to change through the body,Come know what this is something。
So he didn’t use Chakra, which turned his eyes.。
With the use of Spring,Tree roots have spread to a far place,The roots around Spring also aggregate together,Greater root。
But his body consumes some Chakra,There is no other change again.。
It seems that the degree of wooden extent of him now is not enough.,I can’t consume too much unknown energy at all.。
But it doesn’t matter,The changing Chakra nature changes in the wood, he has already understood。
Have some soil,Almost all know what extent of these two Chakra can merge that Chakra。
But I want to use it directly.,Need to practice more。
Until yourself without the use of soil and earth properties,Can directly turn into the kind of Chakra,Master。
But this is the same as the soil and soil blood, he,Not too difficult。
The unknown thing,Spring is not too much,This may be the particularity of the column cells,Anyway, I have it.,You can use the wooden。
Spring opens your eyes,Then the roots around him began to twist change。
They begin to combine,Gather together,The main trunk of a tree,The roots have also entered the soil。
Then expand the branch,Green leaves grow up,I turned into a big tree.。
It’s too sufficiently of tree roots.,Springs turned the woods used in it into the big tree。
This is normal.。
Spring spit out one breath,Looking at the grove in front of you,The face showed a smile。
I am also a plant tree now.,Great contribution to the greening of the endurance,And he still have to persist for a while。
Qikra mobilized,Started with Chakra that consumes itself。
Anyway, now it will be added every day.,Don’t use it without white。
But the next scene,But let the spring surprised。
Chakra flowing into the body while reincarnation,This source is actually moved slightly.,Then the weak point of this source is in the body along Chakra.,Then disappeared。
Spring is very sensitive to the change of the source of the revivement.,This is directly connected to his soul,This is found at once.。
No appearance before this,And he has not mobilized the source at all.,This is the autonomous behavior of this source.。
has a problem!Springs’ eyes become dignified。
Quan Yi Congni began to directly transfer to the source into the body,But still useless,His body does not accept this。
This makes the spring are confused.,Isn’t it possible to absorb it??
Why can’t it now??
Spring also thought that his body changed,Can you absorb the origin of the revivement of the eye like a long door??
But now is not the case。