Props card:Dragon robe equipment is equipped from a punch
Effect:Dragon rolls with the same robe,Three tattooing and power increased by 20%。
ps:I really want your brother to put on my brother’s bri.
At night, I want to have the system of the system.,Is this special not to get people??
Clothes are clothes.,Why do you make a dragon volume?,He thought it was a dragon volume.。
“I am a dragon volume.,Don’t get clothes,Aunt,I have a dragon roll that there is no clothes.,Nor”
In short this break,Not a night you want。
There is also this effect to the night.,Annomy,Does he still need the affinity of the dragon volume??
Take a dragon roll and blow“Super brother control”character,Night can tell you very responsible,Whether it is a dragon roll and blowing snow,The affinity to him is absolutelyexLevel。
Three consecutive streets,Night has given up hope.,Non-Non Emirates,Visual trunk,Sure enough, it’s unrealistic。
“The last last extraction opportunity,Probably it is impossible to have something like something.。”
Night has already held a complete impatient idea,Calm open the fourth card。
This card game pattern,Also is a person。
Yarurrant hair is tied to a horsetail,Wearing a samurai costume,There is also a cross scar on the face.。
This person knows the same night.,Full of childhood memories。
When I saw this person,It is an excitement in the night.,He is really the Emperor!
“wrong,This will not be a suit,Or what other accessories, etc.。”
Because of the previous lesson,What did you experience in the night?。
At this time, he prescribed excited heart.,忐忑 The beginning looks like a descriptive word。
Fortunately,,His finals did not have a bottom,This appearance,Is his dream of character。
Character card:村 心 自 心
details:Super-class sword“Flying Royal Sword”Heir,So before the famous Hach,Be called“Murder”。
ps:Use a back blade,Not because I can’t kill people,But I don’t want to kill people.。
Be right,Night this time really smoked,Really character card,And one of the most important people who are most want。
I have comprehend since night.“Royal sword”Later,He really wants to smoke a card with a sword.,Today, I’m finally。
Sincerely,Sword heart strength,In all anime,One of the kind of strength。
There is no special ability itself,There are no special bloodlines。
But these don’t matter,Night is now strong enough。
He is not the addition of those body,Be like“Flying Royal Sword”Such superchard。
Before carrying out the fourth extraction card,Night, I have even thought about it.,If you don’t have a character card,Then take the previously pumped character card to get together。
I have pumped it before.“Dragon Ball”Satan,as well as“Eclipse spirit”Sprull。
Although there is little increase,But how is it too empty?。
Can not be in front of him,Show juggling,Get two-hand good dishes,Blue dye will abandon the darkness.
Man of few words,Night can’t wait for the card,Quickly inlaid into the card slot。
following,Is a unique“Royal sword”Memory,Suddenly emerged in the mind of the night。
Tulong flash、Dragon nest flash、Nine head、Tianxiang Dragon,Swordsmanship,Also seems to be thousands of hammers in the night。