Hu Huiru,Frowned and asked:“We gave them so much money,These people don’t want to dismantle,Demolish,It doesn’t seem to be hard,These people don’t even know our good or bad。
“Not President Hu,Old residents live in this Beicheng District,And the ingredients are complex,Even the government dare not move easily,We can’t even move,So this matter really has to think of a perfect solution”Feng Yan whispered。
Hu Huiru,Could not help but curse:“To her grandma,I didn’t want to grab the hot potato,How does this matter?,You give me a plan,You can’t come to me for everything!”Hu Huiru lost his temper for a while,Even she felt strange。
She seems to be under pressure。Feng Yan stood up with embarrassment and said:“President Hu!You should go for a walk,Didn’t you say you want to go to the park to see which piece of land?”
“Ok!You quickly take someone to Qingshan County in person,Put this to me。I’ll go to the park to see the ground in a while,Report to me if you have something tonight”Hu Huiru stood up as she spoke。
Feng Yan is away,Hu Huiru quickly changed her clothes,And hurried downstairs。Because it’s already ten o’clock in the morning,She suddenly felt that she was wasting time。To know,Her time is money,Just be so lazy for a while,Maybe the great business opportunity is lost again。
Xia Jian didn’t sleep well all night,Because I took a bath,So his sleep is very deep。Although Yao Junli is by his side deliberately teasing him,Want him to get up。But he didn’t know when he was asleep。
When he wakes up,Yao Junli on the bed is gone。Xia Jian yawned comfortably and glanced at the watch on the bedside,I found that it was more than nine o’clock in the morning。Looks like it’s time to get up,Lie down again,Even he himself feels embarrassed。
Just when he was about to get up,The room opened automatically with a click,I saw Yao Junli bring Lin Wei in,Lin Wei held a bag in his hand,She saw Xia Jian naked,Said with a slight red face:“President Xia!I’m here to bring you clothes,You change it soon!”
“it is good!You guys avoid it,I will change”Xia Jian sat up as he spoke。
Lin Wei put down the bag in his hand,Turned around and left。And Yao Junli looked at Xia Jian,Angrily pinched him severely on his back,Xia Jian’s mouth was split in pain。Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of Lin Wei outside the door,Yao Junli didn’t stay too much,Also walked quickly。
Washed up,Xia Jian put on the new clothes Lin Wei brought and went downstairs。Yao Junli and Lin Wei were sitting in the dining room waiting for him。I drank a lot of wine last night,And vomit like that,So Xia Jian didn’t have any appetite。
Yao Junli understands this aspect well,She arranged for someone to cook millet porridge for Xia Jian,Add steamed buns and pickles。Thus,Xia Jian really ate a lot,He feels that his appetite has returned。
“Hey!The land next to Pingdu Park is going to be auctioned,Are your entrepreneurial groups planning to participate??”Yao Junli asked suddenly。