[How to make dumplings (egg yolk and meat)]_Home practice of dumplings (egg yolk and meat) Encyclopedia of practice of making dumplings (egg yolk and meat) _How to make dumplings (egg yolk and meat)

As the saying goes, people take food as the sky. It is very important to eat in a place replaced by everyone ‘s life. If you do n’t eat well, your body ‘s resistance will be easily disturbed, and diseases may come to your door.The method is simple, and it can also improve the disease resistance of the human body to a certain extent.

1. Wash the pork belly and diced, add salt, sugar, chicken essence, and soy sauce and marinate for about 10 hours. Take it out and prepare for salty egg yolk 2. Prepare cotton thread and scissors 3. Wash the loquat leaves into boiling waterCook in a pot for 10 minutes, remove the spare 4, wash the glutinous rice 5, pour the appropriate amount of old soy sauce 6, stir the soy sauce and the glutinous rice evenly and reserve 7, take two pieces of loquat leaves, and partially overlap them. 8Fold the end of the leaf into a funnel shape 9, add a small amount of glutinous rice in the funnel 10, add an appropriate amount of diced meat and a salted egg yolk on top of the glutinous rice 11, and then add an appropriate amount of glutinous rice to cover the meat and egg yolk 12, and bend the loquat leaves to cover the glutinous rice.Wrap 13 well, wrap the bun with cotton thread and tie the knot 14. A quadrangular egg yolk meat bun wraps 15 and wraps all the dumplings in order. Add water to the pot to make the dumplings about 2 cm 16 and then on top of the dumplings.Put a steamer and press the floating dumplings under the water. Cover the pot and cook on high heat. 17 After the water is over, change to medium heat and cook for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Turn off the heat and cook for another 2 hours. 18, cookedThe finished dumplings 19, delicious egg yolk meat ravioli finished product figure 20, peeled two more来How was one to eat on a person’s happiness is influential, rice dumplings (egg yolk meat) approach is simple, but also bring a happy feeling for the family.