Li Qingqiu sit down,Said timidly,“Qin Ge,Chen Fei came to Nancheng。”
“Chen Fei?”Qin Shi treats this kind of little role,Don’t know。
Li Qingqiu nodded,For Qin Shi,I may have never heard of it,But for Li Qingqiu,Chen Fei is a hundred times more terrifying than Chen Biao。
What’s scary is not his famous fist,What’s terrifying is the background of Ye Cheng behind him。
Li Qingqiu has never been to Yecheng,So don’t understand,But it is said,Compared to other places,Nancheng is the least worth mentioning。
“Correct,Chen Fei,He is Chen Biao’s brother,I heard that Chen Biao had an accident,Just rushed back from Yecheng。”
Li Qingqiu poured a glass of valuable foreign wine for Qin Shi,Keep saying:“I want me to see him with 100 million in three days,Otherwise he will shoot me。”
Qin Shiyi raised his eyes,“So。”
Li Qingqiu feels anxious,After all, my own network is definitely not enough to compete with Yecheng’s big brothers,So said:“I just managed to get a hundred million.”
Qin Shi glared at Li Qingqiu。
Li Qingqiu feels numb all over!
I really said something wrong!
Behind him is Qin Shi’s godlike existence,Why are you afraid that Chen Fei won’t succeed??