Zhang Huawei raised eyebrows。
I thought my wife, you changed your job as a matchmaker?
Our little girl is so young……Uh,It seems that Shen Huan is younger than her……
But Shen Huan refused,“sister in law,Thanks,I am still studying,I don’t need any assistants。”
Xu Ruiping didn’t force it。
At the same time, she didn’t even think about letting the little girl go to Fengxiang Film and Television,Unless you work with Shen Huan,Or go to work with Mr. Chu Liuxiang,Otherwise, nothing else is good。
I might as well let the little girl do a simple job,Marry the right person,Lest it work so hard。
In order to be afraid of my wife,Zhang Huawei quickly talked about the script,“Teacher Lu,I have already visited《Thai 囧》,Look at my understanding of the whole story and structure,Are there any deviations……”
Everyone in the circle knows,Teacher Chu Liuxiang’s script,The one who can understand most must be Mr. Lu Xiaofeng。
Because many scripts, Mr. Chu Liuxiang, will discuss with him,In fact, the script also has a credit for Teacher Lu Xiaofeng。
This is not,Some time ago, Hao He praised it in an interview,Lu Xiaofeng《New Dragon Inn》Has a very deep understanding,Gave him a lot of help。
So Zhang Huawei treated Lu Xiaofeng as Chu Liuxiang。
He talked eloquently for a while,From the development of the plot,From the contradiction of two male protagonists,And the role that Wang Bao plays in it……and many more,Lively。
When there is a high court in the plot,He also pretended to be the voice of a different person,Start a conversation。
Zhang Huawei’s voice is a bit hoarse,Imitating the voices of men and women,Still looks ridiculous。