In this world view,Dragon is considered“Not worthy”Species,Powerful strength,But never get rid of the original constraint,It is classified as a demon。
But it is also the strength of the strength in the demon,Many years does not appear,Most people only exist in the legend。
Yinhe Yang is wrong to eat the dragon egg, the star, the star, will experience the painful rebellion,The price will be unreasonable during the time after eating.,Showing a fight against the dragon itself,No differential attacks all the existence,Even if it is a dead。
The star is not able to compatibility with the power of the dragon.,This over-discharge vent is not far from burning his life.,If there is no block,He will constantly attack until dead。
She has never seen the star of the star.,Even I have seen a description in the original,It is still not as moving with the body.。
The former banned banned dizzy,Later, disciples who were patrolled and patrolled,Bring him back。Although I am punished,but『sex』Lifeless。
Branch bite the pressure from the above,Can see the fine cold sweat on the face of the Qing Dynasty,It looks like he is just from the water.,Except『color』Uncommon,Even the lips are very sad。
The thin spiritual barrier on the Sword of Jiji has broken risk at any time.,branch 的 指 法 法 到 到 法 法,But I can’t find the right time.,Be afraid of cover。
Her body strength is concentrated on this barrier,I can’t even have a good thing to be a star.。
枝 心,Use a arm while withdrawing the sword,Borrow angle changes successfully,The pain in the arm is expected——Yan Fengxing bites her arm。
He is really a dragon egg?
This is a dog’s genus『sex』Bar?
竹 不 地 地 法 裴 裴 裴 裴,Enjoy your hand to cover your wound,Bloodstream,Bitten skin、The pain of the flesh and blood is not going to。
“When I said, I have to worry about my male.。”
竹 小 囔。
Voice side,The juncture of the instrument is broken from the inside,The star is busy with her.。
She side behind the wall rolled two laps,愣 愣 没 躲,Once again, it is close to the face close to the sky.,There is also a block of joys,The sword has only come to half,It is stopped by the spiritual force of the stars.。
“You are calm!”
Branches wake up to obey his reason is impossible,Try to delay,“As long as you are willing to put me in a horse today,After we are the loved ones of the mother!I am you!”
Due to emotional excitement,Leakage when speaking“father”,Branch urgently remedied:“——Daughter!”
She played very perfect for this time.。
The movement of Qi Fengxing paused,The scarlet in the eyes did not fade,Low head is coming to smell on her.。
actually,It’s really a dog egg.。
The nose is slightly,Yan Feng’s face is close,Can more intuitively see that he lost the stiffness of the facial expression,Be like being|『Hold』Controlled puppet。And this is a place to stop,Just like a little negligible in his mechanical consciousness and not ignored。
He spit out these two words,The head is close to her,Almost photo。
The distance between the two is near。
Branch:“You recognize me?”
Yan Fengxing did not continue to talk,It’s just like just now.,He is lightly silent and retracted.,There is no expression of the face low,The line of sight is on the arm that biting him is biting.。
There have been distinguished blood,This bloody taste is stimulating his nerves。
He slightly,Post the wound。
竹 一 一 也 也 动 也。
Next second。