Xing Jian standing at the door, looking forward to the pair of money,Everything is frowning。
The door is open,Naturally I saw people lying in the place through the gap。
“what happened?”
While,I came in。
Qian felt hesitated,Say,“Criminal church,We represent the major ancient military and ancient Wumen and the Hidden family.,Come to visit summer,But I didn’t expect it.,He actually so hegemony and,I am hurting us all.,I also ask the Criminal Church to host the fair for us.。”
Xing Jian frowned。
What did he think of?,Exposion in the eyes means deep。
Subsequently aligned in the summer,“Summer,I haven’t seen you for a long time.。”
Though,But Xing Jian’s eyes are deeply flashing。
He still remember,At the beginning, Changan Li Jia saw the scene of summer.。
At that time, the strength of the summer was strong.,But he has a victory.。
But,How long does this?。
He will kill it.。
It is said that it is still in the right to match.,Will kill the Jun。
Summer rack,Faint,“You are also visiting me.?Together with them?”
“Top you is on the one hand。”
Xing Jian shook his head,Also,“And one more thing,I am tied by the people.……”
His words have not finished,And at this time,A drunk。
“Hum!Too arrogant,We sent people to see,But hurt people,Simply!”
Speech,A group of more than a dozen people came in。
The first is a middle-aged dress wearing a suit.。
Middle-aged face,Ganglitude,The eyes of more than a dozen youth,Sudden anger。
However, he quickly saw Xing Jian standing on the side.,Hurry,“Criminal church,How are you here?……Uh!”
The sound is abundant。
Xing Jian did not take care of him at all。
But looking to the summer,“Summer,I am from the people this time.,Send you a selection of invitations,Jun family should hold a munition of the Junmu Lord after seven days.,In addition,Said is a funeral,It is also the new homeowner of Junfang.——good!Day!Son!They found me,I hope you can participate.。”
“Good day”
Three words。
The extraordinary of Xing Jian bite,And his face is also overcast。
Look at him so expression,Summer eyes flash。
I thought of many moments.。
And at this time,Xing Jianmai stepped,At the same time, take a invitation from your pocket.,Hand over。
At the same time,“Public,Private,Although I really want to kill you,But these are not related to me in front of you.。”