As for the previous so-called fair transaction,Founded is self-deception。
This,In fact, both parties know all their own.,Just don’t break each other。
When Rheinase is ignorant,It is also a moment of pupils.,He moved。
This is the master of the master。
The battle is the first line.。
Stroke injury in summer,Don’t want to go to two overlord,Can only be more difficult。
The figure is like transient general flashing frequencies。
Pull into a magical knitted picture。
Potential field!
Snake knife!
Go all out。
All the strength。yy1s
Go back。
God,It is a might of understanding from the respect of the respect。
As Jun Lin once said,It is a moving,It’s better to say that,Is one of his base cards。
So long,Summer is already able to understand the true marrow of 神。
Even faint,This type of killing,Has a munitional category。
He can’t be sure,Cannot depict words。
But I know,In the past,I didn’t show the strongest power of the god.。
Face two major hegens,From start to now,He has been secretly imposing。
And his heart is also a fire in the burning of the bears.。
But,The more like this,The more tranquil in his heart。
Hour,Inner world。
This trick,Don’t die。
A small ray is rushing up,Take a shot。
Although this is a night,But the half air is 璀璨 璀璨。
As if there is a star of the show,The thorn is busy like a flame is generally magnificent。
But this is not really beautiful.,Instead, like a situation of shampoo。
Small thrills amplified in an instant,Sky is shocked,Murderous。