Aunt Qiao gave him a bad look。
noon,Ding Naixiang really chose a hotel near the university’s family courtyard,Jiang Fan arrived a few minutes earlier,When everyone arrives,Jiang Fan has ordered the food and is waiting for them。
Banquet,Jiang Fan told the two old people that he would report tomorrow that he would be on a business trip again the day after tomorrow,He asked the two old people to take care of Ding Yi。
Of course Aunt Qiao will not miss this performance,she says:“Xiao Jiang,Don’t worry,Little one has our husband,We can’t do anything else,It’s okay to cook her some delicious meals。”
Lu Yuan laughed when his mother said that:“mom,You are always at this critical moment,But don’t give her something like pig-killing,I’m afraid she will feel sick and faint when she hears the name?”
Aunt Qiao stared at her son,Scolded:“Just talk about you!”
Everybody“Haha”Laugh out loud。
after eating,Lu Yuan didn’t go home again,And went back to the provincial capital alone,Ding Naixiang and Aunt Qiao walked back,Jiang Fan returned home with Ding Yi。
Ding Yiwen:“You don’t go to work this afternoon?”
Jiang Fan said:“on,I can go later,There is a meeting at three in the afternoon,Time to leave tomorrow afternoon。”
“Didn’t you say that you left the day after tomorrow??”Ding Yi looked at him and asked puzzledly。
Jiang Fan hugged her,Said:“The day after tomorrow is the official departure,Check in tomorrow afternoon,my wife,what’s wrong with you,I have asked several times?”
“Oh——”Ding Yi’s eyes are a little gloomy。
Jiang Fan sees Ding Yi’s mood is not high,Said:“what happened to you?Emotional problems?I discovered this problem during lunch,what is the problem?”
Ding Yi smiled at him,Said:“No,It was my father who said something,I’m a little sad?”
“What did you say?”
“He talked about mom……”
Jiang Fan held her in his arms,Said:“baby,at the moment,You must be in a good mood,If you were sentimental when you were pregnant with him,Then giving birth to a child is also sentimental,You are happy with him,He was born happy and healthy,and so,You have to pay attention,Pay attention to every bit,Everything you say and do from now on is no longer a person’s behavior,Is the act of two people,You and child,Understand?Mom’s emotions,Can be passed directly to children,You like this,I’m really worried when I walk。”
Ding nodded,Said:“I know,Do not worry,Besides,Nothing will make me feel sentimental anymore。”