Guan Hao’s hand and cousin’s hand are tightly held together。
Guan Hao said:“Cousin,You may consider your baby’s arrangement,Even if you don’t come to Beijing to settle down, you can move in for a while,Let Doudou go to school in Beijing in the future,Didn’t the baby say it?,Let grandpa arrange。”
Li Wei smiled,Think about it:“Then I have to run both ends,People,I don’t want to move at a young age,Think about it。”
“Didn’t you just say that you want to expand the scope of business in Beijing??Beijing has a huge market。”Guan Hao said。
Cousin is happy,Said:“Yes,Xiao Yao, we have already negotiated a business,I can come often in the future。I think it’s better to stay there for a long time。But I have feelings for the north,I stayed at my uncle’s house in the north until I was at school age before returning to the south。”
Guan Hao smiled,The business Xiaoyao and his cousin talked about was something they had already discussed,It’s just that the water made by Guan Yao doesn’t leak,Logically,Makes my cousin not feel blunt。
Cousin said again:“Xiaoguan,My company also has a certain market overseas,You go to america,I may also go to the US recently,Maybe I can catch up during the operation,I will be in touch with you then。”
Guan Hao was very moved,He had heard Xia Jihan say,Cousin’s tea group does have markets in the UK and the US,But he never went abroad for business,Specialized personnel are responsible for handling overseas business。At this time, cousin going abroad is undoubtedly not worry about Xia Jihan’s surgery。
Three more days have passed,Father Xia and Mother Xia are here。The Xiaguan family is busy now。The two in-laws met for the first time,The etiquette is indispensable。
Guan Zhengfang also hosted his in-laws at the Beijing Hotel,Father Xia and Li Wei are sitting on both sides of Guan Zhengfang。
seriously,Guan Zhengfang is also very excited,He said:“The relatives are all here,Today I want to drink three glasses in a row。”
The old general is indeed very excited。