“Treat my daughter well……I’m just such a baby girl,Her mother died early……Relatively independent since childhood,I hope you can live up to her。If you can’t give her the future, let go!I won’t blame you!”
Mei Xianyun urges Fang Yu。
Deep tone!
“Yep……We have no problem for now!but,I am thinking about,Do you want to come to Dongwon City?……”
Fang Yu hesitated。
House car,Mom and Dad are in Qingxin City。
Fang Yu came to Dongwon City alone。
this matter,Still have to consider!
First299chapter You have to believe me!
After eating。
Mei Xianyun took a taxi back。
Fang Yu left with Mei Xingyun。
“It seems,You have to stay here tonight……”
In the room。
Mei Xingyun looks at Fang Yu,Waved。
Fang Yu didn’t drink much,But others drank too much。
So it took a lot of time to toss。Dad doesn’t want to drink……So I’m in good spirits,Went back by myself。