Shen Ruoxue didn’t answer Qin Liang’s words,She lowered her head and looked at the photo she just took repeatedly,I even snickered from time to time。
“All right,We can go now。”
Qin Liang finally eliminated the last chicken leg on the plate,He stood up contentedly,Touched my belly,Then motioned to my sister-in-law,Ready to go。
“Wow!He is so handsome!Male god!”
When two people walked outside the restaurant,A few female students who came in by pushing the door saw Qin Liang face to face,And immediately praised in surprise。
Shen Ruoxue immediately hugged Qin Liang’s arm,Proudly raised his head and walked out,Quite a declaration of sovereignty。
It’s a pity that those girls just admired Qin Liang’s handsomeness,Turn a blind eye to Shen Ruoxue, who is so beautiful around him。
Out of the restaurant,Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxue got into the car,Said with a smile on the road。
This way,Shen Ruoxue’s chatting endlessly,That’s an excitement,Maybe it’s not because of the car shed blocking,She can flap her wings and fly out。
Qin Liang enjoyed driving the car in a hurry。
Compared with the quiet and introverted Shen Ruoxi,Shen Ruoxue is lively and cheerful,Exuding youthful vitality at any time,It is in sharp contrast with Shen Ruoxi,Almost completely two extremes,Are two different beautiful scenery。
Qin Liang feels puzzled,Also a mother,Why are the two daughters born so different in character??of course,It’s just that there is a big contrast in personality,As for looks and figure,Almost no difference at all。
“Brother-in-law,You are so strange today,Why not talkative?Am i too annoying?”
Shen Ruoxue finally found out that she was always talking on her own,Qin Liang echoed a sentence or two occasionally,Almost never said anything。
“How annoying you?Brother-in-law is deeply intoxicated by your beauty,Indulge in your beauty,So I don’t care about talking。”
Qin Liang’s mouth,He was born just to let him pick up girls,It’s a pity that he’s sitting next to him now,Is his sister-in-law。
“Ugh,I wish I wasn’t for Shen Ruoxi’s sister……”
Shen Ruoxue sighed suddenly。