Huang Lei knew he was the leader of the martial arts,It’s not empty to want to come,Although he didn’t have any cultivation skills in his mind,No abilities,But this is a game,Huang Lei tells himself over and over again,This is just a game,He can have more things in the game,All this is set。
This also makes Huang Lei no longer worry like before,When facing this group of people,More is to choose this kind of calm and relative feeling facing each other without any fear,Facing each other is more just waiting,Also very nice,What will these guys do next?
“damn it,go to hell。”
One of the guys spoke up,Some angry mouth,Until now, Huang Lei didn’t know what he did wrong,The other party actually used this attitude to talk to him。
But Huang Lei won’t care too much,After all, it’s a waste of energy to talk too much in this kind of life and death battle.,Huang Lei’s choice is to face each other,How can Huang Lei deal with it when the opponent makes such a move,This man is holding two big knives,Keep waving in his hands,The big knife was in his hand when he came over at Huang Lei,Whirring sound while waving。
Can feel this powerful sense of threat,Huang Lei felt it too,Huang Lei didn’t do much except frowning,In his opinion, this matter is not worthy of his own too much worry。
Still saying,He himself is different from ordinary people,He also wanted to see what his body was transformed into,In other words, how is his setting in the game like that?,When the opponent’s machete slashed at him,Huang Lei is still so timid,Almost backed away,But in the end Huang Lei still held back,he thinks,Little girl, they will never harm him。
Until now,He still doesn’t mean to give in,Just stare at it like this,Watching the opponent’s full attack hit him,Seeing a sharp breaking wind,This machete also slashed on Huang Lei’s body。
Huang Lei should have avoided,Thinking in my mind is also reminding him of everything,Must avoid this time,But Huang Lei didn’t do that,He stood in place and let the machete hit him,In addition to cutting through the air,The sharp voice also has a heavy blow,It’s really the sound made when a machete hit Huang Lei。
This voice slightly frowned everyone around,Now I’m thinking about this machete slashing on them,What would be such a result,I guess it can split this person in half,Still comfortable。
Is such a weapon,Just such a machete,But when I looked at Huang Lei, there was no reaction at all。
Huang Lei’s body didn’t even take a step back,Stand still,Huang Lei frowned and asked,Seems to be dissatisfied with the opponent’s machete on him,There is no pain at all,Let him down。
When everyone saw this scene,The breath I feel is such a breath,Now everyone is stunned at this moment,I still don’t believe what is happening right now,But I can’t believe it,What they see is the most real and true situation,It’s really such a thing。
The height of the man in front of you1Meter9about,Very burly,This machete is in his hand,Half like a toy,This machete is not an ordinary machete,Bigger than a normal machete5About times,Such a handful of objects weighing several hundred catties hit an ordinary person,Must make him shattered!
What’s more, the other party used all his strength to directly hit Huang Lei’s body.,How can you, Huang Lei, have such a small body,but,This machete is indeed withstood。
Was held up by Huang Lei’s small body!