considering80Among people,Basically old people and children,Shen Huan also chose some Jiangsu and Zhejiang for the ingredients、How to cook Guangdong and Guangxi dishes。
Foods that are too spicy,It’s best not to let them eat。
Make less meat that is not easy to digest。
Stewed food,Is the most suitable。
Shen Huan invites everyone to dinner for a reason,Part of it is because walnuts protect the family,Really quarreled a lot of people。
I will stay here at least after I come3Time of year,Don’t do a good neighbor relationship,Unite more neighbours,Inevitably face a lot of small troubles。
Huajing people are a bit different。
Although I love it too much on weekdays,But if you give them enough face,So many times they can endure。
Not like people in some places,You should be nice to him,When I should talk about you,I’ll still talk。
Shen Huan took out his craft,Make sure to let them eat something,Still thinking about the next meal。
Even for another taste,Their cry for walnuts,Will ignore it。
The fact is like this。
At noon,40A grandpa and a mother sitting at the table with the children,Looking at the fragrant dishes that Shen Huan kept serving,I feel a little magical。
Old Zhong sighed,“It seems that Xiao Nizi from the Bai family didn’t lie!Xiao Shen, how do you do everything??”