“That is,With the master’s strength,Squeezing him to death is like squeezing an ant!”The pointed Japanese immediately lowered his head and said
At this moment Mo Xiaosheng is pacing in the hospital,Hesitating to tell Ye Bing about this,But I don’t think it makes much sense,It seems there is no need to tell her,And listen to Ye Bing’s tone,The people above are determined not to let him get involved in this matter,So he gave up。
At this time, Ming Cheng, who was out to visit his master, hurried back。
“Ming brother,Didn’t you go to see your master?,Why did you come back so soon?”Li Zhen fiddling with the plaque,And asked directly。
Mingcheng couldn’t care about talking,And didn’t pay attention to the plaque in his hand,As soon as he entered the door, he pulled Mo Xiaosheng into the pharmacy,Said eagerly:“Mr. Mo,My master wants to invite you over,He wants to ask you to make him stand up before tomorrow,Do you think it’s ok?”
“of course can!”
Mo Xiaosheng frowned and said,“According to what I promised Senior Dugu,He could stand up long ago,But didn’t I discuss it with him?,For his better recovery,Specially delayed the time for him to stand up,Let the muscles in his legs recover better!”
“I know,But now things have changed!”
Ming Cheng said eagerly,“Why don’t you come with me to my master now?!”
“it is good!”
Mo Xiaosheng immediately agreed,It just so happens that he also has a lot to ask Dugu Fengyun。
Then Mo Xiaosheng took the medicine box,Follow Mingcheng to the residence of Dugu Fengyun。
Compared with before,At this time, the mood of Dugu Fengyun has been completely improved,The whole person is full of energy,When Mo Xiao was born, he always sat in the courtyard watching the sunrise、sunset,But today I was sitting in the yard and drinking tea。
His hands and arms are already moving freely,Restored to the same level as ordinary people,After seeing Mo Xiaosheng, he immediately called him to sit down,Then he started making tea and pouring tea,Not too cumbersome,On the contrary, I really enjoy the feeling of being able to move my arms。
“Lonely senior,Your complexion is much better!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and greeted him when he saw him,“If a while later,Your legs will recover stronger,Why are you standing up in such a hurry?”
“Special circumstances,Can’t wait!”