Lu Ban was speechless。
To talk about works,
His song《Gave you my life》I was on the new song chart,It’s a pity that he is free of that song,And it’s just a single without any production。
TV series《Let’s get married》It will be a few months before it will be broadcast,Has no effect on improving his ranking。
Reaping a wave of fans by singing with Gu Qiao。
But that song has been sold to Gu Qiao。
As for commercial performance,It’s even more invisible,Originally, there were a few small business shows to find Lu Ban,But he refused one by one,He wants to put his energy into the shooting of the next movie——
Mainly because of lack of money。
“It seems that I will stay as a fourth-line artist for a long time。”
Lu Ban sighed,Whether it’s a TV series,Still movie,It’s not something that can be done overnight,That means he and Kong Xi want a blockbuster,Have to wait a long time。
At this moment,
Kong Xi’s phone rang,She answered the phone。
After a while,Say to Luban:“My mother let us go home for dinner。”